Round Up – Issue 14 March 2014

Hey Kids, it’s March. Woot!

It’s that glorious time of year in Toronto where the snow starts to melt and we can enjoy the thawing dog shit and garbage. Still, winter has been a bugger so I’ll take it (I know it’s been crazy hot down under, Australia, but it’s hard to feel your pain when it’s -15º outside).

Okay, good stuff this month; so let’s get started!


First up, I rarely mention apps because I don’t use ones that are relevant to the site anymore, but I just had to tell you about this iPhone app called, Waterlogue. It takes any image and converts it to a watercolour. I made this one from a photo of a Lego car my son made (ignore the focus – I was excited). How cool would this be for nursery art? Or thank you cards? Or faking your way through Art College!?! (where were you 20 years ago, app) It’s 2.99 on the app store.


Speaking of art college, (because I majored in advertising…and segues), my bud, Ilana, over at Mommy Shorts is running an awesome contest right now.

She created a number of ads for a cool company called, healthy mama – they make a line of over-the-counter remedies designed specifically for pregnant women. Get this, they are offering up $750 to the person who comes up with the next headline in the campaign.

You guys are the most creative and brilliant readers on the planet. Who came up with the Christmas Charity name? You! Who came up with the Newsletter name? You! Who came up with a name for my cat? You! You’ve got this, baby, so check out all the details and score yourself a sweet prize!


I love this article called, “The moment I Fell in Love with My Son” By Jenny Mollen. It’s a great piece for all of you wondering if you were cut out to have kids.

“The truth was, children scared me. I knew that no matter what I did as a parent, I was bound to do some things wrong. I didn’t want to bring a person into the world just to fuck them up and have them send me to voicemail for all of eternity. My dogs would NEVER do that!”


This compilation of Daddy Dressing fails. For the record, I don’t think this is unique to fathers. In a tired haze I dressed my son in a sleeper that was about two sizes too small for him – he looked like he could compete in the Olympic luge.


A reader named, Jenn, wrote this next article, “Hospital Scare”. She wrote it to let new parents know about the possibility of babies getting mucus down their airways after they are born.

“She had been making a few noises this time, and this one didn’t seem to sound very different from the rest. Neither of us said anything, we just laid there listening to her. After she made that little noise, I thought to myself, “maybe I should check her”. I didn’t want to be that paranoid parent that freaks out about everything, so I laid there listening for another few seconds.”

The baby is fine – Juliana is now a beautiful 8-month old, but it’s a scary story and something I hadn’t heard about. The last thing I want to do is add to your fears, but I thought this was worth knowing to tuck in your back pocket.


I love this: “If our Great-Grandmothers would’ve had Facebook and Twitter when they were young mothers…

I think it further illustrates my “Why You’re Not Failing as a Mother” post.



I found this meme and it made me laugh – mainly because I was guilty of this one. When the hell do you stop weeks and months anyway?


Everybody has been posting “Let it Go” videos, but I think I love these two brothers lip-syncing to “Love is an Open Door” the best.


Here’s a video to make you laugh and confirm that you aren’t dead inside (who are the 643 people that gave this a thumbs down?)


Lastly, I wanted to tell you about the new What the Cluck newsletter. The first issue just went out and it was totally kick-ass. (I would post it here but I don’t know how to do that in MailChimp and I’m scared that I’ll screw it up.) So, sign up for the next one and get in on the goods. It’s like a Round Up with classic Burd posts, great deals and exclusive contests, along with naked photos of Channing Tatum. Okay, I don’t actually have naked photos of Channing Tatum but I did post this image and I think that’s pretty much the same thing. No? Okay, well sign up anyway.


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  • What happened to Jenn happened to my brand new family too. I’d had a cesarean and my two day old daughter choked while I nearly tore myself back open trying to get her and threw pillows at my husband (He’s an incredibly heavy sleeper) and screamed. A nurse happened into our room and after a few quick maneuvers and some use of suction our little girl quickly returned from blue to pink.

    I didn’t sleep the rest of our time there. The nurse said it was common for babies to choke on their spit or mucus. I didn’t understand why the care organization wasn’t all different. Why was a major surgery patient given the task of caring for a human so new it couldn’t cough spit out of its throat? I didn’t want to hand my baby off, but a safety net would have been nice. It still horrifies me, even watching my 7mo old squirm around her crib. We used the Angelcare at home and I finally got some sleep. Now that she’s sleeping longer and longer at night it’s a comfort to look and see the green light blinking whenever she breathes.

    Women should really spread the word on this. If hospitals won’t provide the monitors we should come with our own. I’m certainly using the Angelcare in the hospital with our next child.

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