Round Up – Issue 15 April 2014

Hello, Spring? Where have you been hiding you, sassy bitch? (Still hiding by the looks of Toronto today.)

Okay, let’s get down to business here. Here are some of my faves this month:

Hank Azaria did this interesting video series called, Fatherhood. I haven’t watched them all but I really liked the ‘Screen Time’ episode. He speaks to a bunch of his celeb buddies who all weigh in on how they dole out the technology at their house. I thought it was a nice conversation starter without getting judgey.



I love this video, From Bump to Buzz. Not only do I love the tune, but I love the people in it. My favourtie part is when she just pops out of the room to give birth – because it’s always like that.

(Check out his wedding speech on YouTube as well. No one is topping that shit. Ever.)

Quick Reads:

  1. 45 Ultimate Tips for Men – clever guide for all men (and boys)
  2. Word from a Father to His Daughter – a letter to his daughter after visiting the makeup aisle
  3. Parents you are Being Lied To, by Jennifer Raff – In the light of the recent measles outbreak this is an interesting article on vaccines.
  4. The Invisible Moms Club by Lizzi Rogers – the miscarriage club that nobody wants to belong to.

I thought I’d covered everything in my Happily Ever After Giving Birth post, but this article from Pile of Babies, After-birth: 10 surprises from those first days after delivery, covered a whole bunch more. Man, birth really is a treat sometimes.

This little angel seeing fireworks for the first time made me howl. Here are another 18 Babies Experiencing Things for the First Time – Buzzfeed


I love this kid:

And I love how Elmo and Craig Robinson recreated it:

I seriously think that people who don’t find this series of Beau and Theo adorable need to seek counseling.

 @mommasgonecity on instagram


Love the matching look that this little guy and his ole dad have:

Imgrur Imgrur


Such a sweet shot from Kendall Price (look her up if you live in Reno)

Kendall Price Kendall Price

Well, that was timed well.

(Let me know if you know the original ORIGINAL source) (Let me know if you know the original ORIGINAL source)

The folks at Best Buy asked me if I wanted to come for a “personalized shopping experience to guide me in making the perfect mobile selection.” I didn’t need a phone for myself but my mom needed one so I thought I throw that challenge at them.

I went in on her behalf so I could “experience” it (and to see if they’d try to screw her over). I was really impressed with their knowledge and their honesty. They figured out the best phone, the best provider for the area she lives in, and the cheapest plan. Next time I upgrade I’ll use them because they aren’t limited to one provider (I hate my provider because they are a bunch rat-shit thieves that reside in Satan’s anus) so I’ll get the best deal with the best product…you know, like the Best Buy! You see what I did there? They can steal that for their tagline along with “We don’t reside in Satan’s anus.”

Two Pinterest boards that may be worth checking out are my Easter board and my Mother’s Day board. I especially like the toddler basket ideas (candy-free options) and some of the personalized and/or quick gifts for you and your mom – may as well capitalize on the grandchild obsession while you can.


‘Til next time!

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  • I had the opposite experience at Best Buy with phone buying, but to be fair it was both on Verizon & me for that cluster. On me, because I just HAD to get the blue version of the HTC One, and Best Buy was the only store carrying it (I now realize what a nitwit I was). And on Verizon, because they, too, are a bunch of rat-shit thieves. The poor Best Buy bastard had to sit on the phone with them for 45 minutes while they rearranged all of the plans we had "Grandfathered" in – i.e. Unlimited data – and steal them right out from underneath us.
    As you can see, not Best Buy’s fault – they did everything they were supposed to – but, even being in a store filled with electronics and play things, I couldn’t help but be bored out of my goddamned mind talking about our phone plan for 45 minutes.

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