Round Up – Issue 2: November 2012

Okay, so I missed October’s Round Up. So I’ll be damned if I’m
going to miss November because I’ve found some really cool shit that I think
you’ll like. Here goes:


Someone passed along this site called Family Bedrock and they have
some really neat stuff. I’m particularly fond of the Tummy Tie – pregnancy
aside, ‘tis the season for tight pants and I may get one myself. They have
an interesting cross section of products including these wicked soothers and
this Pure Poppet lip balm and powder for the little kid who’s keen on
dress-up but without all the toxic ingredients.

I don’t have a belly button piercing, so I never would have
even thought of this, but if you’re pregnant your piercing may get a little
uncomfortable. Enter the Pregnancy Piercings™ Pregnancy Belly Button Ring. They are made
from a medical grade plastic that is flexible and non-metallic. Great idea.

Oh, and if you want to really test the strength of your
Tummy Tie and Belly Button Ring, check out my friend, Italo’s, food board on
. I don’t know how he finds this stuff but I am forever saying, “Holy
shit, Nutella filled cupcakes with Nutella frosting?!” Bravo Italo. His other boards
are really good too but I love the decadent edibles he pins – I just hope he’s ready for my “Why am I fat?” whining.


Love, love this blog called Hysterically Ever After. She has some
incredible posts about post partum depression that are insightful, witty and
honest. I love this one called, A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.. in
particular. She’s funny and a good writer and I’d like to drink with her.

You know what I love? Craft kits for kids because it keeps
them busy and I don’t feel guilty about them doing it like watching t.v. You
know what I hate? Craft kits that need so much of my help that I am doing the
damn craft instead of doing the task I was trying to keep my kids busy for.
Toilets don’t clean themselves, people!

That is why I love these Eye Can Art
kits. They come with everything you need to do the craft, and I mean
everything. Scissors, pencil crayons (the good kind), and pre-folded and cut
paper (thank you).

These kits are created
by art educators, teach open-ended, authentic art techniques
with no stencils or templates, and have won multiple toy awards including
Parent’s Choice, Tillywig,, and Oppenheim.

We got the Book in a Box Kit and my kids loved it and,
more importantly, I didn’t hear a peep out of them for an hour. Glorious. I’m going to go out on a limb and even say it was even better than Dick in a Box. Bold, I know.

I figure they’d make an excellent older-sibling gift for
someone with a newborn.

They also sent me a $5 discount code. Sweet. Just use the code HOLIDAYKITS12 at check out. Offer expires 12/17/12. Limit one
discount per order.

If you’re looking to be cheered up, check out my new Bad Day
Fixer Board on Pinterest
. It has quality items like this incredible dog poster
and two high-guys dancing around to Bollywood music that is sure to make your
spirits soar.


This is a perfect example of something I would have thought was
absolutely ridiculous before I had kids but I now I think is brilliant. It’s
called a Pump Strap and here’s what it’s about:

  • Extremely secure and form fitting
  • One size fits all. So as your body changes, it changes
    with you.
  • It goes on and off in seconds. Shift your bra and blouse up,
    wrap the strap snugly,
    tuck in flanges, and you’re pumping.
  • Works with any
    pumping system, including Ameda, Medela and
  • It is easy to take care of, easily washed in the
    washing machine and durable enough to stand several pregnancies as well as
    passed down to friend or family for many more years of use.
  • It is just as effective but is much less
    expensive at $25 (other hands-free bras run at  $40).


Kati Ann Photography

As you know, I’m a real sucker for sweet little sibling
photos. So this shot from Kati Ann Photography just melted my heart. I think
the thing I love most about it is that it would be an amazing shot no matter how
her son reacted to the baby – unless he kicked over the basket. I guess that
would be bad.

Do you need a little something to add to your holiday list? Well, have I got the
thing for you. Tieks. They sent me a pair of their ballet flats because their customers kept telling them how
amazing they are to wear during pregnancy, and I can see why. You can tell they
are really well made and, man, are they comfortable. They’re like the
louboutin’s of flats (even though it’s probably not cool to compare one shoe
designer to another). They come in every colour imaginable (I got leopard print
because I’m bad ass and cutting edge – stop laughing) so I think I may spring
for something more neutral like this pink pair next time.


I found this neat site called Deposit a Gift, where you can let friends and family know what you need most with a customizable cash
gift registry.

I find that people like to feel like they are
buying something instead of just handing over the cash. Unfortunately, you
can’t buy a gift certificate for the baby’s passport – and you may need
that way more than jammies –so something like this does a good job of making
the gift giver feel like they are doing something more personal than handing
over a fifty, and you get to allocate the money where you need it most. Here’s
a sample site to give you an idea of how it works.
Hope you like ’em. Giddy up!

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