Round Up – Issue 3: December 2012

Gang, ready for a round up? I FINALLY finished writing the Pregnancy Calendar
so keep an eye out for that in the new year as well as more posts from me now
that I have that monkey off my back – I think it’s epic, man.

Here are some of the things that landed on my laptop that I thought were
cool and worth mentioning.

Bobee Diaper & Wipe Dispenser: This lands
under the why-the-hell-has-no-one-thought-of-this-before? It’s a wall-mounted
diaper and wipe caddy that allows for one-handed access so you can keep one
hand safely on your baby. I can’t tell you how many times I cursed the wipe
container because I couldn’t pull the wipe out with one hand while cleaning up
a massive back-shit disaster. It also holds the diapers so your baby can’t grab
five and drag them through said disaster (happened to me three times). It runs
around $50 but it looks like some places have it on sale now.

Someone sent me a link to these and I thought they would be great in a
nursery. This is the grizzly from California and they also have a badger from
Wisconsin. I’m hoping they have a whole series of states but I never
actually checked with them. As soon as you show me a picture of a bear, I just run with it and don’t look back.
It’s $16.

At first glance these guys just look like they make pretty underthings, but all their underpants (I refuse to say “panties) actually have a built-in
lining provides a leak-resistant, breathable layer to guard against leaks
and other delightful surprises of motherhood. They sent me the pair in the
picture (Which is exactly how I looked in them down to the noticeable space
between my upper thighs. Snort.) Even though I didn’t test them through a
wardrobe malfunction in white pants, they did hold up to sneezing on a full
bladder and watching Community so I’d say they’re winners. I would consider
them an environmentally friendly alternative to pantyliners. They also have a
sale on now.

While we’re on the topic of underwear. I should also mention these
brilliant nursing bras from TOMgirl. When Amanda emailed me about them I was a
little skeptical about a bra being sold on Etsy ­– I think I picture two
quilted triangles held together with hemp – but she sent me one and it’s
beautifully made with no hint of hemp triangles.

Perfect Pregnancy Bra has a back closure, made with Velcro that adjusts eight
or more inches to ease you through weight changes due to pregnancy and breastfeeding.
They don’t have underwires and they have the nice padding in the cups to
minimize headlights and the charming drink-coaster look you get from nursing
pads. You can sleep in it and the open hooks allow for nursing. They are made
in the USA and they run around $47.

Banana Blog:
Fantastic pregnancy blog where a woman chronicles her pregnancy.
I’ve been meaning to tell you about this one for a while because I think it’s
honest, fun and well written and as luck would have it, she just had her baby
nine days ago!

Your Dad Blog:
I found this fella through one of his articles, 5 Things I’d
Forgotten About Having a Newborn
, featured on Huffington Post and I just fell
in love with his site. He calls his two kids The Duchess
and The Captain and his chats with his daughter will just melt your heart. Go read it.

Stay at Home Moms Say:
A reader sent me this video and I nearly died. When I
posted it on Facebook some people got testy about the whole stay-at-home-mom
reference, but I think all mothers, including me, have said half this crap at
one time or another. I just can’t decide if the original or the outtakes are

also love these cats:

I need these salt and pepper shakers (if they weren’t $125)

And I love this kid and his innocent, beautiful, unshitted outlook on life:

I’ve stared a keepsake board on Pinterest that features all those personalized
things that make us cry now that we have kids. Damn you sentiment!

a wonderful New Year’s Eve, my Pretties. Let’s have an amazing 2013, shall we?

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