Round Up – Issue 5: February 2013

I’m just making it under the wire here (damn, February is short)
so I’m just going to jump right in.

First up are a few of articles that I just love.

Julie Miner wrote this amazing piece called, A Letter to My Kids
Because I’m 40 and that’s Old
 on Huffington Post and I think it’s brilliant
and beautiful and chocked full of true life advice rather than the
dance-like-no-one is-watching crap – which is good advice if you want to get
tasered at the mall. My favorite was, “Value resiliency and not just brokenness” I want to have the whole
article tattooed on my back.

The other
post I love is I Really Hope My Son Gets to Be a Boyscout by John Kinnear
from Ask Your Dad (he’s going to start thinking I’m stalking him – better
return the night goggles.)

It is an
honest, brave, well written letter he wrote the National Executive Board of the Boy Scouts of
America about their delayed
whether or not to allow the LGBT community to be open members of
their organization.

“It is time to change. I believe you
can change – and as scary as it is, I believe you can survive that change.“

I think it takes a strong person to
admit that what they did when they were 13 was shitty, but it’s a really cool
move to use that shitty moment to try and change stuff that’s happening now.


You know when you go on a site like Amazon to see what kind of
rating people gave things and you see conflicting reviews all over the place?
You never know if the person commenting is a nut, or a dick, or some company
owner’s brother-in-law that is just singing its praises so they aren’t banned
from Christmas.

So this
site called weeSpring came up with the idea of having your friends weigh in on
what you should get when you’re expecting. From the “must haves” to the “don’t
bothers”. They can give a thumbs up or thumbs down on items, so it saves you
from having to constantly ask what they think about each item you need to buy.

You can
also follow what other people recommended. So if a gal recommended five things
you know you want, you can safely assume she has similar taste to you and can
check out her other recommendations with more confidence than a random stranger
that may or may not be saving hair from the sink drain.

It looks
like you can also win $500 towards you “wish list” of items right now so it’s
worth checking out.


I also added a new board on Pinterest (yeah, you know me) for Tech
stuff and Apps
. Everybody keeps sending me app suggestions and I have nowhere to
put them. Even though I can’t attest to how well they are work – sorry, I’m not
trying out a contraction timer no matter how much I love you guys – but at
least you can see what’s out there. I am forever blown away by how shit the app
store is and how impossible it is to find stuff in it.


A while back I noticed someone on facebook asked if anyone knew of
any good meal planning services. I was keen to see what people said because I was
so damn tired of figuring out what the hell to make for dinner every night. So
I noticed that there was one consistent recommendation: No More To Go. So I
checked it out.

Stacey, who runs the site, is a mom that has a good grip on what
kids will eat and what you realistically have time to prepare. I loved that her
recipes were healthy without going too over the top – like the time I tried to
bake kale into muffins. A betrayal my children will surely mention at their

So I signed up and I love it!

Every Friday you receive an email with
the weekly dinner menus (five dinners) and a printable grocery list so it’s all
laid out for you.

We’ve been signed up since September
and we haven’t had one stinker. Not one!

My husband loves the food because he
doesn’t like anything too “hippy and bird seed weird”. My kids are trying new
stuff and actually eating. Best of all, I don’t have the angst of trying to
figure out what the hell to make every night. Winner, winner chicken dinner!

The nicest part is that there is always
something pretty healthy in there so you can dial it up or down depending on
who you’re feeding. I’m trying to lose weight, so I dial up the salad on my
plate. My husband calls mixed greens, “stuff-that-grows-in-the-sidewalk-crack
salad”, so I dial up the main and give him fewer “grass clippings”. She’s also
has adjustments for making the meals vegetarian and gluten-free.

The price is nice too. A one month
subscription is only $7 and the whole year is just $64. Considering a how much
time and effort I used scouring recipes in expensive books and online (with
mixed results), I think it’s a pretty good deal.

So I talked to Stacey and she has set
up a promo code so you guys can get 50% off a subscription if you use the code

You can also
check out a few sample meals if you wanted to see if the recipes were your cup
of tea before you signed up. (I highly recommend the Thai Steak Wraps).

I have a few pictures that are so cute that they make my heart sing like a wild thing. I missed the boat for most of these with my kids, so take them for me, will ya?

 I love this:

daxmodevo.tumblr daxmodevo.tumblr


And this:

Marisa Matluck Marisa Matluck


And this:

Wynona Robison Wynona Robison

Also, the giveaway section is back up and running again after months
of me trying to figure out the best way to get you good stuff (it’s like I’m
shopping for bathing suits while doing math for petesake.) I’m sure there will
still be hiccups along the way but we’ll get ‘er figured out. So, thanks for
your patience and let the bounty of bodacious baby stuff roll!

Lastly, I wanted to talk about Facebook again.

I was getting a little swamped with the question emails (to say the least) so I recruited my mother to help post them (she’ll be mortified that I’ve
mentioned that in case she makes a mistake.) She’s quickly becoming a
Facebook ninja that’s scheduling all the questions so they don’t come all at
once but, don’t be surprised if she shows up on your doorstep with a
tray of cookie and a quilt because she’s touched by all of your questions and
worries too much.

If you send a message on Facebook it will take about a week to get
posted so if you have a question that needs a quick answer, you’re best to post
it on the wall.

Speaking of which, if you have a moment, could you take a boo at
the questions on the wall? They don’t end up in the feeds so they don’t get as
many answers but the questions are really interesting and I’m sure the askers
would really appreciate it.

The response to this has been overwhelming and you know why?
Because you guys are fucking awesome, that’s why.

I look at other threads for pregnancy sites and the feedback is
mean, judgmental, and downright rude. No wonder we all flock to the warm bosom
of the Burd readers with their kick ass compassion!

Thank you, thank you for providing a kind, safe forum for all of
us to have. I swear to God I’m going to rent a cruise liner and throw a big
bash with all my readers one day because it would be the best party ever! Okay,
maybe not a cruise liner because I hate cruises and don’t want the toilets to
overflow from a busted engine and have poo running down the wall so we all get
Norovirus. Plus, some of you are pregnant and we need to have a good piss up….

I’ll have to work those details out.

I’ll see what Ryan Gosling’s appearance fee is – and if there is an
additional cost for him to forego pants. I’ll totally have a bake potato bar
and a fortune teller so you can count on that fun!

“I think the ‘shrooms are kicking in, Mittens!”

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  • I stumbled upon your site the other day and immediately bookmarked it! This post had me at first click and the shrooming cats at the end sealed the deal. Seriously laughed out loud! I needed that. :0)

  • Thank you so much for the coupon code to "No More To Go," I went to check it out and signed up right away! This is just what I need. I’m pregnant and have absolutely no motivation to meal plan at all but should probably eat something better than Kraft Mac and Cheese every night. (-: Love your site!

  • I’m really liking these roundup issues. I’m not even pregnant yet and I’m book marking so many of the links you suggest and I’m about halfway through pinning your pregnancy calender.

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