Round Up – Issue 8 July 2013

OOOoo, I feel like I’m getting organized, guys. Whoops, good feeling gone.

I’ve been in productive waves that are interrupted by summer chaos, but I’ve gotten a few things done.

The biggest deal was finally getting my media kit done. Honest to Pete, you’d think I’d be able to crank this out in a hour considering that I’m a designer and do a billion of these a year. Nope. It took me almost four years. Now it’s done and I feel grown up and good. Exhale!

Now on to the cool stuff I’ve found this month:


Holla for the Holo! Are you shitting me? This is beyond brilliant and I’m thinking about getting one just so I can cool my paunch in August.

It’s called a Holo and this brilliant woman from the U.K. (Emma Benson) came up with the idea when she was pregnant and unable to lie on her stomach comfortably. It was originally created for floating, but it can be used at home, for massage (damn straight) or just chillin’ like a villain on your stomach. They aren’t cheap (because they aren’t made by the billions for Walmart) but I would have paid big bucks to be able to lie on my stomach when I was 400 months pregnant. They run about $90.




I got an email from a woman named Ripley Rader who makes these killer jumpsuits. They weren’t intended to be maternity but they have quickly taken off as a comfortable way to look cool and chic while pregnant or nursing.

She sent me one and it’s gorgeous. I don’t know how she does it, but it’s cut in a way that I looked taller and leaner and that is no small feat – don’t be surprised if I wear it to the grocery store to pick up my chips. Now I don’t know if you could wear this if you are giant-pregnant like I was, or if you’re “extra luscious” because they’re made in LA so I can only assume that a size 1 was created for Miranda Kerr or small Asian boys, but if you are newly pregnant, nursing, or carrying small, and need to go somewhere hip, then you’d look like a million bucks in one of these numbers. They really are sharp.




If you are looking for Baby Shower inspiration, check out these printables from Carrington Schaeffer along with my Baby Shower Stuff board on Pinterest.


I popped this picture up on Facebook a few months ago. The story was so sweet that I wanted to put it here so I could look at it again and again to make my heart happy.


I’m slightly pissed at this guy because he wrote two articles that I wish I’d written: How to Hang Out with Your Friends & Their Baby (he had me at “Sexual Tourism Trip”) and   The Latest Parenting Trend: The CTFD Method. Brilliant fucker.


When I saw this I thought, “yes!”.



The Gray Attic – Etsy

Wowza. These are some of the most beautiful birth announcements I have ever seen in my life.  Check out the whole series of them at The Gray Attic’s Etsy store.


honeysuckleblog honeysuckleblog

I also love, love, love this beautiful announcement from honeysuckleblog . So sweet and perfect.



If you’re looking for beautiful, organic baby clothes, check out this U.K. based organization called from babies with love. 100% of their profits help abandoned and orphaned children around the world. 100%! They are doing a wonderful thing and the clothes they have are really beautiful. I found the sleepers especially lovely like the little elephant one shown here.

It looks like they’ll ship pretty much anywhere as well.


I started a Pinterest board called Feeding a New Mom just because I kept coming across all these quick and easy recipes that would be particularly helpful for new parents – especially the stuff you can freeze. Email me if you have a really killer go to recipe and I’ll add the link to the board.

These no-bake  Apple Pie Energy Snacks are amazing and my 4-year old blew through about six of them in one sitting.



This is how you do a maternity shoot. Love these guys.


This is how not to pose with your dog on Facebook. I have no idea of this is the kind of shot that would get my wrist slapped by Facebook (even though it was originally posted there) but I ain’t gonna risk it over a dog dick. I can totally see how this happened and that what makes it so awesome.


‘Tis all today my peeps. Carry on!

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