Round Up – Issue 9 September 2013

Hey Guys! Well, summer vacation is over and my kids are back at school which is both sad and Julie-Andrews-Sound-of-Music spins in the living room wonderful. I still haven’t gotten used to the morning panic but I am FINALLY getting some work done.

Here are some of the things I’ve been finding for the past few weeks that I think you’ll really dig.

A Pregnant Chicken reader, Jennie, passed this amazing YouTube video along to me called, “The natural caesarean: a woman-centred technique”.

When I first saw the title I thought, “Natural c-section?! What the hell is that, like no drugs or something?” No, it has nothing to do with a drug-free c-section with an ice cream scoop in a field, it’s all about making a c-section a much more pleasant birth experience that is more mom and baby focused and less matter-of-fact medical procedure.

The concept is really wonderful and certainly worth a look.

F.Y.I., you don’t see any epidurals or incisions in the video, but you do see a baby being gently removed from the point of incision if you’re really squeamish.


Another reader, Lindsey, passed along this great resource for you ladies in college. She was really lucky and had professors that understood that being pregnant in college is a little tricky to say the least, and let her make up for missed classes, etc. but it sounds like other professors aren’t as understanding. So, she passed along this post from National Women’s Law Center that outlines the rights you have when you’re knocked up while getting ‘learned’.


I stumbled across this cool store called Electrik Kidz and I love, love, love the bandana bibs that have a little soother or toy clip – I would prefer the snap or velcro versions to tying as I’m always concerned (a.k.a. paranoid) about things going around necks but they are still so cool. You also have to check out their Hammer Time pants for babies because they crack me up. Hammatime!



I’m always on the lookout for cool mom/baby things that are clever and not too pricey and these silicone necklaces and bracelets from Chewbeads totally fit the bill. They come in a ton of colours and don’t scream “I’m wearing jewelry my baby can chew on!”



If you want some words of wisdom, check out this compilation of articles from Lil’ Face’s Mom Has a Blog called, Lessons Learned from Being a Mom for a Year. Now that she has a one-year old, she wanted to pull together some articles that got her through those tough times for her newly pregnant friends. She’s featured two Pregnant Chicken posts – so you know she has good taste ::snort:: – but I was really blown away by some of the brilliant articles she’s found online that I had never seen before. Definitely worth a read.




Speaking of resources, I’ve been following these gals from Northeast Doulas on Facebook and their blog for a while now, and they always have insightful articles and posts. So even if you aren’t in the Greenwich, Westchester and NYC area, they are still a great read.

Love the concept for these redesigned birth certificates from IWANT Design. I hope they catch on.


Quite a few months ago I got an email from a gal named Kate asking my opinion on something she was working on and here’s what she wrote:

“I am a college student and I’m working with some engineers and software designers to create a new type of baby monitor. It’s really unique and I think it has the potential to help protect babies all over the world! 

The monitor is basically a mini pulse oximetry device that is contained in a sock and placed on a baby’s foot while sleeping.  It measures the child’s vitals and alerts the parents if the baby stops breathing. 

The monitor is still in the developmental stages and I’m e-mailing you because I know that as a well-known blogger you see many different products and I would like to know your opinion of this one! What do you think of this monitor?  Do you think that people will want to buy it?  Do you have any suggestions on how the idea could be improved?”

Needless to say, I shit my pants at the idea of this.

When my son was a baby, we had one of those monitors that told you if your baby stopped breathing while they are in the crib, but my baby was rarely in his crib and the one time he was, my husband picked him up and forgot to shut off the monitor which then set the alarm off which nearly sent me crashing through the wall like the damn Kool Aid man – if I live to 100 I would have lived until 105 because I have no doubt that alarm shaved 5 years off my life. Plus, the trouble with that alarm (aside from my heart attack) was that it only worked in the crib. Not sleeping on our bed, not at Nana’s house in the Pack n’ Play, not if he dozed off in the swing, and not in my arms, and that’s where he was sleeping most of the time.

Which is the reason I think this Owlet is so brilliant because it sticks with your baby and not just with your crib, plus it monitors a bunch of other stuff. You can check out how it works here:


Now, I’m sure there will be people tsk tsk’ing that they didn’t have all this crap when they had a baby and their baby was just fine, but I remember those nights went my baby would be sound asleep – where I could have actually grabbed 20 consecutive minutes of rest myself – and I would think, “He’s sleeping awfully soundly. He seems too quiet.” and it would make me panic and I would end up checking on him which may or may not wake him up. It was like this perpetual dance of insanity I was in, so this would have been a game changer for me.

The great news is that they are available now. Kate even wanted to extend an offer to Pregnant Chicken readers as a thank you for my input (code for my profuse swearing that this was the best fucking idea ever) and offer 600 monitors at the price of $159 instead of the usual $199. You can find the deal here with the code OWLET_IS_SO_UNBELIEVEABLE.



Quite often I get offers to check something out in the Toronto area, and I used to turn them down because so many of my readers live in other places but there are so many amazing spots and stuff in Toronto that I just had to carve out a little space for my local peeps.

Actually, my first feature here may be familiar to many of you in the States. It’s called Kidville and the first one just opened up near the hood where I grew up at Yonge and Lawrence (for the record, I grew up in the non-chi chi part of that area).

Essentially, it’s an indoor space that’s tailored to young children (up to about age 6) which I always found to be that tricky age that they were up and about, but not old enough for the giant indoor playgrounds. You can take classes there, have birthday parties or just sign up to have some place to go with your baby in the dead of winter so you’re not like something out the Shining by mid-February.

The main thing I noticed is that it is clean, clean, clean. Granted it’s new, but you can tell that everything has been carefully planned knowing that gummy little toddlers are going to be in every nook and cranny.

They have classes for art, dance, music, and an indoor playground made especially for the younger set. Classes work out to be about $25 a class, so while they aren’t dirt cheap, they are pretty competitive for similar programs and you certainly can’t beat the beautiful space.

So if you’re in the area, and looking for something to do with your weeble that isn’t the  library or the park, check ‘er out.


That’s about it for now. October should be really exciting because I’m heading off to the ABC Kids Expo in Vegas to check out all the new pregnancy and baby stuff. I will also be peeing alone, drinking beverages with no backwash and sleeping free from snoring, meowing or a foot being crammed up my nose for two full glorious nights. I suspect I will enjoy it.

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  • Amy! Why you gotta be saving my life like that! And here I thought I read your blog just to pee my pants from laughter & not the usual pee pants from I’m pregnancy and just sneezed. I’m a knocked up college student which is super not awkward at all (it is) and I’m waging a war to the death with a professor to get credit for attendance & participation for when I was down for the count for a little bit there. Then you show up with your handy legal information and now that la profesora is gonna shut the hell up & give me my points all because you enlightened me about title 9. Well, posted a link that enlightened me. Still counts.
    Thanks a million you little life changing peach!

  • Have fun in Vegas! I need a break from all this too….maybe next time!
    A mom of a 3years-in-his-best-terrible-2s and of a monster 6months old girt…

  • Hi!
    I am sure you have all the friends a girl could (stand) need – but if you feel like letting a fan take you out for one of those backwash-free beverages while you are in Vegas let me know! I might give you the evil eye while you enjoy said beverage as I am 15 weeks (sober) pregnant, but I promise to be good company.
    Regardless, have a great trip and thank you for the great reads!

  • I had a Family Centered Csection (what they call it in ATL) and it was wonderful. I got to see him be pulled out and got almost immediate skin to skin. Oh and that monitor is awesome. I will register for one of those the next time I’m pregnant!

  • Great c-section video. As a doula, the majority of my job is to frame all of the twists and turns of labor in a positive way. So many women struggle when they have unplanned c-sections. What I love about the video and the method is that it emphasizes that A BABY IS STILL BEING BORN! Giving birth is a transformation. Pretty cool stuff, no matter how it exits. I’m looking forward to sharing this with my clients. Hope this spreads like wild fire and women feel compelled to talk about their options with a c-section! Thank you!

  • Thank you for including the video on a natural c-section. I had a very traumatic birth experience with my first baby delivered via c-section. He was great, I was not and had trouble bonding initially because of my experience and the restrictions that came along with it. This is something that I will be talking to my doctor, anesthetist and pediatrician about to see if any or part of it is a possibility for me. What great hope to have for my little one to come in December!

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