Round Up – Issue 6: March 2013

Lots of good stuff to share from this month!

First off I can’t wait to read I Just Want to Pee

It’s a collection of hilarious essays from 37 of
the most kick ass mom bloggers on the web. Including: People I Want to Punch in
the Throat, Insane in the Mom-Brain, The Divine Secrets of a Domestic Diva,
Baby Sideburns, and my all time favourite, Rants From Mommyland.

I Single-White-Female-stalk many of these gals so
I have no doubt that it will be an amazing read. I wanted to give it a shout out
before it got all popular, but it’s already on a
ton of bestseller lists. Dang.


up are these really neat Hand Embroidered

Pregnancy photography and belly casts can feel a little too “intimate”
for some people so I love that you can capture your bump in a nice subtle way.
You just send her a photo of your pregnant profile and she hand embroiders it
on a little linen frame. The best part is they are only $20.

I get quite a few requests to do reviews but it’s obviously hard for me to review and kind of maternity stuff seeing as I’m not pregnant anymore. So when I get a chance to review something that would
apply to both new parents and me, I’m pretty jazzed.

These Airocide guys got in touch with me about their air purifier
and the first thing I thought was “Shit, this is going to be some weird thing
that contains crystals hangs around my neck.” But it’s actually this pretty
fancy state of the art air purifier that doesn’t use filters and it retails for
about $800 so I was all, “Hell yeah, ship me that, stat.”

All I have to do is use it then tell you guys what I think
about it.

So far I’m pretty impressed with them because I didn’t have
to pay customs at the door (if you’re Canadian you’ll know what I mean – you
think you’re buying a $20 bottle of shampoo from the States until some fucker
from the post office is standing there saying you owe $30 in custom fees
holding your shampoo ransom.)  I
just got a knock at the door and handed the package with a tip o’ the hat. Well
played, Airocide people.

It’s set up in my room so I’ll let you know how it’s doing
in 6-8 weeks. It’s supposed to kill mold, viruses, and allergens so I’m pretty
excited to see if it has an impact on this household that is in the depths of a constant junior kindergarten Ebola-monkey outbreak and spring allergy season
for me.

It’s slick and quiet and I’m pretty impressed so far, but stay tuned for the full review.

Love this site called You enter all your stats and it will give you the odds on when you’ll have your baby, how much it will weigh, etc. The percentages are based on millions of birth statistics so, even though it’s just a fun thing, I’d love to know how accurate it is for you.


This post written by The Sassy Curmudgeon is so awesome that I want to roll around in it like a dog on a duck carcass (sorry, farm reference there). It’s called How to Be a Perfect Parent in 5 Easy Steps, or Probably Never and it’s a beautifully written reality check about how we strive for this perfection in parenthood that doesn’t exist.

She writes, “There is literally nothing you will obsess about more in the first year of parenthood than your child’s sleep patterns. You will read studies. You will make logs of night wakings only to find in the morning that you accidentally used a lo mein-encrusted chopstick and a DVD case to record this vital information. You will volunteer nap schedules–without prompting–to total strangers. You will study the floorboards in your house like a military operative searching for land mines in Afghanistan.”

I love her handy reference chart as well:

What is worse than having an ice-cream craving and finding out that some assbadger has eaten it all? Nothing. Absolutely nothing. So this Ice Cream Lock from Ben & Jerry’s is a nice little find.


A while ago I posted this image on Facebook for the updated alcohol post and it was removed for “nudity”. Let me tell you something, if I had that girl’s bum I would post pictures of my ass on Facebook every single damn day.

Then I posted this picture and it was removed for nudity:

I was banned for 48 hours from Facebook and they told me if I violated the Term of Agreement again they would shut down my profile.

Needless to say, if you want to side the hysterical plethora of side-bum photos I’ve found on the interwebs, you’ll either have to check here in my Round Ups, or my Pinterest boards. Your loss, Facebook.


Lastly, some of you may be wondering if we’ve named our new cat.

For those of you that don’t know, we adopted a 3-year old cat from our local shelter and she is awesome. She came with the name, Suzie, but my sister-in-law is named, Susan so it’s kind of weird to have it so close, plus, I love cool names for cats like, Dr. Jill Biden, so we were going to change it. I had one of those dumb parenting moments where I thought I would ask my kids what to name it and they would come up with some brilliant spark of innocence that only a child could invent, but they came up with “New Cat” and “Jenna”. Er, okay.

Now it’s gotten to the point where no name is cool enough in my eyes so she remains nameless.

I can’t think of a more stupid first world problem than, “I simply can’t find the right name for our new cat that is both adorable and conveys the proper level of pop culture and cleverness.” I should change my own name to “Dink”.

On a side note, I was blown away by how many people were impressed with us adopting a cat from a shelter. I didn’t realize that it wasn’t the most common place to get a pet. I’ve had animals all my life and they all came from shelters and they were all the most kick ass pets on the planet. If you’re thinking about getting a pet, get one from a shelter, man. They need homes and they rock – just don’t ask me to name them.

Update: We named her Commander Sally Pickles. I thought you’d want to know so you can sleep easy now ; )

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  • You should name her Yo Xing Heyno Augustus Eisner Alexander Weiser Knuckles Jeremijenko-Conley. Which is a real person’s name!! I heard about it on freakonomics this week.

    Also the Ben and Jerry lock is awesome. Too bad the only way it would work is if I forget my own combination because I’m the one always eating up all the ice cream!! 😀

  • I would suggest Miss Catherine Periwinkle, or Catty Perry for short! (I should probably not be thinking up cat names so late at night.)

  • Anyone else having trouble getting the ‘’ quiz to work? It won’t accept the due date (nothing shows up in the data box) and it won’t process without it.

    Lastly, kitty name suggestions: Betty

  • Careful, if you wait too long to come up with the perfect kick-ass name for your cat you may end up, like I did, with a cat named Kitty.

  • Hahaha still with the naming of the cat. Perhaps you should refer to it as "the cat formerly known as suzie." It certainly worked for Prince. And by "worked" I mean "crashed and burned."

  • Love the cat names debacle. We named our two kittens (from a shelter!) Samwise Gamgee and Rosie Cotton from Lord of the Rings (I have two friends who have cats named Frodo, coincidentally) and our third kitty came with the name Tallulah, which suited her perfectly. I enjoy pets names we like come from pop culture we love (President Laura Roslyn, from Battlestar Galactica is a potential future cat name) We have have had 6 chickens, names: Ingrid Bergman and Jackie Kennedy (turned into Ingmar and Jack, respectively, and no roosters allowed), Dame Judy Dench (died of pasty butt) and our current birds: Hermione Granger, Nina Totenberg (NPR) and Peggy Olson (Madmen).

    I also have a a sweet little handmade book a friend gifted us called "Incomplete Book of Cat names". I’d be happy to send it your way if you’re needing some additional help!

  • Just bought the book!! Hopefully it will come in handy one day!! We are still TTC and I follow a lot of the bloggers already…this book will be the icing on the cake.

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