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Become a kick-ass photographer without even having to leave home! Win two year-long memberships (one for you and one for a friend!) to the Shoot Along project! Open Worldwide. Approx. Value $158. 


Do you ever have a feeling that you could be taking better pictures of your kiddos? Do you wish you remembered to pull your camera out more often? Are you interested in brushing up your photography skills while documenting your family in 2016? Shoot Along, a year-long photography project for parents, is here to help!

The Shoot Along project was born the day that Amy Tripple and Heidi Peters, two Chicagoland photographers, realized they were falling behind on their goal of photographing their own families. In 2014, Amy and Heidi founded, an online photography project designed to give structure and accountability to busy parents of ALL photography levels.



What began as a personal project has grown into a powerful, worldwide movement, offering support and motivation to parents in over thirty countries and six continents! Next year’s Shoot Along project, beginning January 1st, will be guiding thousands of parents who have come together to achieve one beautiful mission: to beautifully document their families’ “everyday” moments in 2016!



Shoot Along empowers parents through weekly emails that include the following:

Photography Instruction:

Week-by-week photography lessons delivered by email. Learn new concepts, build on your existing skills, or embrace topics as inspiration to remain technically and creatively open-minded! DSLR and Mobile lessons often overlap, but are tailored to the unique capabilities
of each group.

Inspiring interviews:

Respected professional photographers from around the world give a glimpse into their personal images, sharing pictures of their own families. They will describe how they get shots that are meaningful and authentic.

Support and connection:

Share and view images with other parents participating in Shoot2016. The private, “pinterest-style” board is easy to navigate and connects you to other parents who are striving to capture their families throughout the year.

Editing tutorials:

Step-by-step videos delivered by email each week to help add magic to your images. *Editing uses Photoshop Elements 14, purchased separately. (Not included with Shoot 2016 membership)

Handy shot list:

Suggestions for each week’s topic are included to get you up-and-running. Use this list of ideas as a starting point if you are tackling a new concept, or as a challenge if you ready to grow creatively. There is no requirement to photograph the ideas on the
shot list.

Discounts & trends:

The Shoot Along leaders keep an eye on what’s happening in the photography community so that you can concentrate on photographing your family. They’ve also arranged exclusive discounts for members throughout the year from suppliers of beautiful photo products.

The Shoot Along Member Board, available 24/7, is the visual online community where members connect & share throughout the year.



Member Reviews:

“Shoot Along had been a tremendous resource for me. I was new when I joined… my boys see to it that I don’t have all that much time to participate, but I’ve taken away so much in the small amount that I have been able to be involved. I’ll definitely be joining again next year!

“SHOOT 2015 has been an amazing resource for me as a photographer. It has been a great frequent reminder to get out and shoot pictures of my own kids, which (as someone who does family photography part-time) I sometimes forget to do!”

“SHOOT 2015 lessons have been a great way to expand my creativity and try new things in my photography style. It’s been fun to see my work progress from what I thought was “pretty good” into something that continues to get better and better. I now have a collection of beautiful photos of my family that I’ll cherish forever!”

“The SHOOT 2015 project has allowed me to capture experiences of my family that tells a story of who we are.From looking at lighting differently to seeing my everyday surroundings – these projects have really helped to open up what was definitely a narrow mindset.”

“I joined ShootAlong in 2014 and am so happy I did! I feel like I have such a better understanding of what goes into making a great image, from the basics of focus and composition to more artistic elements such as framing and color and texture. I will definitely be back for SHOOT 2016!”

Win two year-long memberships (one for you and one for a friend!) to the Shoot Along project!

Shoot Along

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  • I just bought a new (expensive) camera in preparation for taking pictures of baby coming. This Shoot Along Project would be amazing!

  • I have always thought about starting my own photography business! But first and foremost I LOVE taking pictures of my family and friends and enjoy giving them moments to cherish forever from their special times through photos 🙂 It’s such an awesome passion and sharing experience!

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