Sponsoring A Child

Because it’s the end of the year (and the season for giving), I wanted to do something nice with the money I’ve made from the ads that run down the side of this blog, so I decided to sponsor a kid.

I went through Plan Canada because they are a great operation, plus, they don’t send me horror stories and I don’t care for that shit one bit – I’m looking at you WSPA.

At first I was going to buy a bunch of mango trees and goats and stuff but then I noticed the sponsorship and thought, “Yeah, that’s nice. I can keep that going as long as the site is going.”

So, thanks to you guys, we are the proud sponsor of a little 6-year old boy, Madete-Misangi in Tanzania.

Isn’t he awesome?!

None of this tear-streaked kid clutching a puppy crap, he’s a typical 6-year old kid that’s pissed he has to get his picture taken and that’s what makes him magic.

He makes me want to get on a plane and fly to Tanzania and give him pizza, crayons and hugs even though he wouldn’t know who the hell I was and I don’t know how to get to Tanzania.


Clearly he’s an awesome little boy and I hope we make a difference in his life.

Thanks for making this possible because I’ve always wanted to sponsor a child but never got the kick in the ass to do it. Your ongoing support and enthusiasm has made me sit up and say, “Bitch, get on it” and I totally appreciate it, so “Merry Christmas everyone!!”

Cue drunken crying, a Kiefer Sutherland tree jump and Madete-Misangi shaking his head slowly saying, “Jesus, get it together, lady.”

In Swahili of course.

Have a wonderful holiday season and all the best to each and everyone of you.

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