Why I Don’t Want My Body Back

So many news outlets and websites make a point of exemplifying the mom who “got her body back” right after giving birth. That’s why I love this guest post from Christine – she’s not buying into the madness.

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How I’m Preparing for Postpartum Depression… Before the Baby Comes

We have a post about postpartum depression that you can find here but I wanted to run this guest post from Celeste because sometimes…

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My Postpartum Body

I often read articles about women hating their postpartum bodies – and others about women loving them – but I love this guest post from Caity because it’s about having a goal while still embracing what you have (and what you’ve done).

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Bun in the literal oven (and other pregnancy/postpartum surprises)

When I read this post from Lisa Peek over at, I thought “yes!” I was so damn hot when I was pregnant – not ‘sexy’ hot more like ‘fat man back hair’ hot. Are we alone in this?

By the way, I added a link to hair tourniquets but don’t look it up. It’s when one of your hairs gets wrapped around a baby’s toe. It happens all the time but you see it and you take it off. They only publish the horror stories so don’t look.

– Amy

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When Breastfeeding Just Isn’t Going to Happen

Nothing makes me angrier than people telling new moms that they just didn’t try hard enough if they make the switch from breastfeeding to…

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Postpartum Compression Girdles

Every so often I’ll get an email asking me about compression girdles and if they really work. They actually do!

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After Pregnancy Care

A few of you have asked me to put a list together of tips on how to care for the good china after giving…

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