The Cocoon Co. Giveaway

Win a Car Seat Swaddle and 2 bibs from The Cocoon Co.! Open to U.S. and Canada. Approx. Value $93. 


Have you ever found yourself in the car with a screaming baby in the backseat, frustrated that you couldn’t calm or soothe him? If only there was a way to safely and securely swaddle your little one on the go. The Cocoon Company has just launched the perfect product for moms who swaddle, the Car Seat Swaddle. The convenience & adaptability of this swaddle allows you to swaddle your baby in a car seat, stroller, swing and more. The Cocoon Co swaddle will give you peace of mind knowing that your baby can be swaddled in incredibly soft Organic Peruvian Cotton and go anywhere!

[Editor’s Note: these car seat swaddles are very thin so it passes the ‘pinch test’. Don’t put puffy stuff between the car seat straps and your child (like a thick winter jacket). You can read more about car seat safety troubleshooting here.] 


The Cocoon Company also offers the first ever anti-microbial, 100% waterproof Peruvian Pima cotton bib. This soft, reversible, double snap bib is perfect when it comes to helping keep your little one’s clothes dry. These bibs will give you more free time; they can’t put more than 24 hours in a ay but they can help give you a quicker clean up. If your baby spits up, just rinse off the bib under water and its immediately ready to wear again. With its slightly oversized design and liquid repellency, this bib will be the last cotton bib you buy!


Car Seat Swaddles for Cyber Monday are $39.99 (normally $59) by using code cybermonday

The Cocoon Co.

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