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My friend was wearing a really nice bracelet and I commented on it. She said “thanks it’s actually a coffee cuff too” then slipped it off her wrist and popped her grandé non-fat latté into it. I was sold. I LOVE shit that does double duty – I think it harkens back to my love of the Wonder Twins – Wonder Twin Powers activate! Shape of a gorilla! Form of a coffee cuff!

I immediately decided to copy her and get my very own cuff from Contexture Design. Shortly after ordering, I received an email from a guy named Trevor confirming my address and telling me that my handcrafted coffee cuff would be ready in a few days. I wrote back and told him to make mine extra nice. He responded with “Roger that.” Clearly Trevor rocks.

Well, I got my cuff in the mail (does that sound porny to you too, or is it just me?) and this thing is awesome. I immediately wore it to the grocery store despite being in my disgusting gym clothes because I was so excited to have something so nice and blatantly hip. I know the cashier was thinking “that sweaty pig has the most awesome bracelet/cuff on.” I could tell.

Anyway, I decided that everyone in the free world needed to know about this fantastic invention and, of course, immediately thought of my fantastic Pregnant Chicken crew. I worried that it had little to do with pregnancy but then I thought “What, pregnant women can’t have anything nice unless it has to do with a baby?” Besides, after I had my baby, the highlight of my day was shuffling up to get a coffee and it would have been nice to be wearing something cool to distract from my pyjama pants and crack whore ponytail.

Now, they ain’t cheap ($68) but they are handmade from reclaimed architectural veneer offcuts so you’re getting a one of a kind piece AND you can tell the greenies to suck it cuz it’s all sustainable design. Not to mention, these guys are in Vancouver and everybody knows all nice stuff comes from Germany, California and Vancouver – it’s fact – I don’t make the rules.

So I emailed my beloved Trevor (he has a design partner, Nathan, but I don’t have an email correspondence bond like I have with Trevor so, sorry, Nathan) and asked him if he minded being featured on my site because after all, they’ll be flooded with orders once he’s featured on the Bird – it’s like Oprah! In exchange for an ad on the sidebar, he was gracious enough to provide a coffee cuff for one of you to win. Wicked.

Now, I hate those damn web contests that make you and 63 of your friends become a Facebook fan, a Twitter Fan,  and send them a glass urine just to enter so I’m just going to ask that you leave a comment letting me know that you’d like to be entered (include your email somewhere), maybe tell a few folks about Pregnant Chicken and the guys at Contexture Design, and I’ll do a random draw (once I figure out how to do that) and announce the winner on Friday (July 9 2010).

It’s my first contest! I think this calls for a hot chocolate from Starbucks but how ever will I carry such a hot beverage? Wait a minute……..cCCufff! (yep, it does sound porny).

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