The Easy Way to Making a Pregnancy Time Lapse Video

If you are like me, you’ve seen those Birth to One Year videos and thought, “that is amazing but I can barely leave the house with pants on let alone shoot a video, upload it, then edit the raw footage into some masterpiece. Ain’t nobody got time for that.”

So, when Blinkbuggy told me about their time-lapse video app, I got very, very excited.

Here’s the sitch: they prompt you once a week to take a video from your iPhone and upload it through the Blinkbuggy app. They grab the video, save the original for you, but also pull out the first 3 seconds into it’s own snippet. Then they automatically string together each 3-second snippet, week over week, creating an amazing time-lapse video of life in development.

It can be done for a week, a month – or even a whole lifetime if you’re really ambitious. One of the coolest videos I’ve ever watched is Portrait of Lotte – 0 to 14 years in 4 min.

Aside from documenting the years, I think it would be cool to do it for a special vacation, school year, or interactions with one person like a sibling or grandparent (I’m starting to get teary over here). Maybe I’ll do one of the boys just sleeping because I love staring at them while they sleep like some kind of demented creeper. Maybe I’ll show it at their weddings after I bring down the house singing Guantanmera. Who knows!

As for the storage, the first 10GB will be free, which is approximately an hour’s worth of video from your iPhone. Then 10GB – 50GB is $2.99/month and 50GB – 250GB is $5.99/month. Would I be willing to spend the equivalent of lunch combo to look like hot shit with mad video skills? Yeah, probably. Plus, I don’t think my laptop would enjoy having an extra 200 gigs sitting on it all the time.

The app doesn’t launch until the summer, but they are allowing some people to sign up for the waitlist so they can have access to it in May. I’m getting in on it so I wanted to make sure you guys had the inside scoop too.

This post was sponsored by Blinkbuggy but I think it’s great and you know I wouldn’t tell you about shit I think is stupid.

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