The Mother Company Safety Set Giveaway

Brilliant books and videos from The Mother Company that teach your kids safety, empowerment and peace of mind (all without scaring the crap out of them.) $49.95 value. Open to U.S. and Canada.

The Mother Company was founded by moms on a mission to Help Parents Raise Good People. Our award-winning products for kids and expert resources for grown-ups explore the social and emotional topics we think are essential to raising a generation of kind, compassionate, considerate kids.

Does your kid know what to do if s/he gets lost?  Since 7 out of 10 kids will get lost in their lifetime, we wrote this book to help!

When six-year-old Lyla gets lost at a department store, she has to figure out what to do. First she calls out for her mom. Then she wisely asks another mom with kids for help. Together they seek a store clerk to make an announcement over the loudspeakers. When Lyla is reunited with her mom, children will rejoice alongside her and emerge more informed and empowered as a result.

With poetic watercolor imagery and a gentle approach, When Lyla Got Lost (and found) is an essential reminder that preparing and knowing what to do “just in case” is a great way to stay safe.


Empower kids to protect their bodies!

On his 6th birthday, Miles’s excitement is dimmed when he finds himself being repeatedly pinched, noogied, hugged too tight, picked up and tickled by his well-intentioned family – and decides he’s had enough! Caught between expressing his discomfort and being polite, Miles finally decrees he’s the “boss of his body” and hopes his family will understand.

Much to his surprise, Miles’s whole family shows him full support for voicing his personal body boundaries. Through humor and relatable situations, Miles is the Boss of His Body lets kids know that it’s ok to speak up in regards to their personal safety in a way that is enjoyable and kid-friendly.


Explore personal safety for kids without scaring them!

When lovable Hugo Hippo navigates his way through a fun day at the community pool with his family, his safety readiness is put to the test in a variety of familiar situations.

Hugo helps kids understand safety topics gently and with humor, such as memorizing a Safe Adult’s phone number, covering up private parts when changing, paying attention to your gut “Uh-Oh” feeling, and remembering to “Check First” with a Safe Adult before going anywhere unexpected.


In answer to the #1 concern of parents and caregivers of young children, Ruby’s Studio: The Safety Show empowers kids to keep themselves safe by offering them helpful language and tools in an engaging and memorable way. Adored host Ruby invites kids on a fun journey through beautiful animated segments, original songs, and a craft project kids can do at home! 


The Mother Company Safety Set

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