Tig Notaro “Artificial Insemination”

Have you guys heard of Tig Notaro?

I hadn’t until somebody sent me this video and now I’m all obsessed. (Great, first the Blue Wiggle and now some chick named, Tig – I simply don’t know where to point my night goggles now)

Anyhow I find her pretty darn funny so I thought I’d share this little clip.

She’s releasing an album with Secretly Canadian, but it doesn’t come out until Aug. 2 so I have plenty of time to think of a snappy quip if she promotes it in Toronto. Do people do that anymore?

No matter, I’m sure Tig does and she’ll be blown away by my sharp wit and fancy dress. I can’t wait. I need to practice acting natural.

Yep. I dig Tig.

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