What I’ve Learned So Far (10 Week Edition)

There are a ton of blog posts out there that gently (and not so gently) offer advice to moms of newborns. We like this one from Liz because she hacks through the bullshit and offers some straight-forward down to earth advice for the masses. (And seriously, baby smiles FTW!)

5 Ways Being a Mom Made Me a Grownup

When I think about my personality before I had kids I wonder how I kept myself alive, let alone thought I could sustain a tiny life. Brianna’s guest post discusses the ways we’re forced to change after we have kids. (I still think moms should regularly receive standing ovations…)

I Am So Over the Babymoon

Of course, a baby moon isn’t logistical or financially possible of everyone. But for those of you who are considering it, please heed Ali’s hilarious warnings.

Living on Baby Time

Katie’s hilarious guest post breaks down exactly why it’s sometimes impossible to get anything done once your nugget is born.

The New Baby Milestones

The amount of development and change a baby goes through in a year IS mind-blowing. We need to know that our babies are heading…

The Other F Word

I don’t know how it is where you are, but around here “breast is best” is tattooed on our bosoms. And it’s true that…

new baby motherhood

5 Little Words

One thing that really surprised me about motherhood is that no matter how good a job you’re doing, you regularly wonder if you’re kicking ass or just screwing it all up. I love this guest post from Kylie because she suggests such a simple way to give a new (or seasoned) mom a boost!

expecting mother ultrasound photo

It’s a What???

Of course, the thing we all want the most is to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. But sometimes when you find out the sex of your baby you’re hit with feelings that you didn’t expect. I find Samm’s honesty in the post so damn refreshing.