Being Prepared

holding a newborn

5 Pieces of New Mom Advice I Actually Used

When you have a new baby every damn person has an opinion, from your mother to that old lady in line at the grocery store. One way to preserve your mental sanity is to discard 95% of this dispensed advice and keep the bits that work for you. Here’s the advice worked for Heather and I think there is some gold here!

Best Advice for New Parents

My great-grandmother always said “babies need air” – meaning that they should go outside every day. I’m not sure if there is any science…

Surviving Long Flights

How I Survived a 6 Hour Flight While 8 Months Pregnant

I flew from Toronto to Los Angeles when I was about 7 months pregnant and I did absolutely nothing to prepare for it. I wore tight shoes, uncomfortable jeans and had nothing in the way of snacks. It was ten years ago and I still wonder what the fuck I was thinking. Thankfully, Jennifer did a better job of preparing. -Amy

Sleep Training 101

Sleep training is one of those things that set people off. Everything from “How can you do that to a poor baby?!” to “If…