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Here are just a few of the blog posts that have been a hit.

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pregnant women porn

Porn for Pregnant Ladies

  Every so often I notice that someone has found this site by searching “Pregnant Woman Porn” and I have no doubt that I…

this is parenting

This is Parenting

From the very first night home with your newborn you quickly realize you can’t magically fix every cry. This guest post from Mary discusses those long nights of parenting when you have to give everything you’ve got.


First Pregnancy vs. Second Pregnancy

Being pregnant the second time around is just a whole different ballgame. This guest post from Kristin sums up how pretty much everything about your attitude and habits can change after you’ve already been through the rodeo once. Floor goldfish anyone?

six aologies

6 Apologies to My Unborn Child

Kate sent us this hilarious guest post and I realized my apologies to my unborn kids would have been very similar – especially the part about providing them with an “advanced and colorful vocabulary”. Shit. Sorry, kids. 

seven things every pregnant woman should do

7 Things Every Pregnant Woman Should Do, At Least Once

I know pregnant women hate being told what they should and should not do – but Kelly sent us this post and I got a real kick out of it. Forget all that un-fun stuff you’re supposed to worry about and make time do some of these!  



Motherhood: Oh, The Irony!

Have you ever noticed how life with small children is essentially one contradiction after the next? Louisa sent me this post and it perfectly sums up the the blaring inconsistencies of parenting infants and toddlers. I’m glad I’m not the only one who reacts to this stuff as a parent with a big “WTF?” 

– Amy



    It was the middle of a Canadian winter when my son was born, so many a cold day had to be spent…


Dos and Donts of Bringing Home Your Second Baby

I first met Ang on my Ask the Chicks forum. She always answered everyone’s questions with such humour and insight that I asked her if she wanted to write a guest post here. Thankfully she agreed and wrote this amazing piece on how to prepare for your second (third, fourth, 17th) child. She has also started her own blog called WTFellers which is also funny and insightful – you see a trend here I hope – so be sure to check ‘er out and show her some Burd love!



Why You’re Not Failing as a Mother

You are in the trenches when you have a baby. To the untrained eye it seems pretty straightforward and easy – but it’s perpetual motion with a generous layer of guilt and self-doubt spread on top, and that takes its toll.


Monkey Baby

Ever notice how some people just *have* to weigh in with baby advice? They may be trying to steal your monkey baby.

Screen Shot 2016-09-03 at 10.32.39 AM

Hospital Bag – What to Pack

  I remember being about 32 weeks pregnant and all the conversation at work switched from, “How ya feeling?” to “Are you packed yet?”….