The End of Pregnancy is the Worst

It seems like pregnant women are constantly complaining about the last few weeks of their pregnancies. Unless she delivers early, nearly every mommy will undoubtedly reach a…

When You Skip The Third Trimester

I was not a cheerfully glowing pregnant lady.  Don’t get me wrong, by the second trimester I looked fanfuckingtastic, like I was sneaking a well-inflated basketball…

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Great Expectations

At a family shower for my first pregnancy, guests filled out advice cards for anything they felt pertinent to motherhood. One in particular wrote,…

A Gentle Cesarean

A gentle cesarean – when a c-section isn’t your first choice, you can still have an amazing birth. Here’s Lydia’s story.

Sex After Childbirth – 7 Unsexy Sins

You know what’s hard to talk about? Painful sex. Even though it’s pretty damn common – especially after childbirth – people are a little bashful to talk about it. Here are a few things you should know.