5 Ways Being a Mom Made Me a Grownup

When I think about my personality before I had kids I wonder how I kept myself alive, let alone thought I could sustain a tiny life. Brianna’s guest post discusses the ways we’re forced to change after we have kids. (I still think moms should regularly receive standing ovations…)

I Am So Over the Babymoon

Of course, a baby moon isn’t logistically or financially possible of everyone. But for those of you who are considering it, please heed Ali’s…

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5 Pieces of New Mom Advice I Actually Used

When you have a new baby every damn person has an opinion, from your mother to that old lady in line at the grocery store. One way to preserve your mental sanity is to discard 95% of this dispensed advice and keep the bits that work for you. Here’s the advice worked for Heather and I think there is some gold here!

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Life with Three Kids

This guest post from Christi pretty perfectly sums up how juggling multiple kids can be a complete goat rodeo. My kids are older and I’m still exhausted and I can’t remember a damn thing so rest assured, this is a universal experience.

Why I Don’t Want My Body Back

So many news outlets and websites make a point of exemplifying the mom who “got her body back” right after giving birth. That’s why I love this guest post from Christine – she’s not buying into the madness.

The Other F Word

I don’t know how it is where you are, but around here “breast is best” is tattooed on our bosoms. And it’s true that…

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5 Little Words

One thing that really surprised me about motherhood is that no matter how good a job you’re doing, you regularly wonder if you’re kicking ass or just screwing it all up. I love this guest post from Kylie because she suggests such a simple way to give a new (or seasoned) mom a boost!

The Hardest Job I Couldn’t Live Without

Parenthood really is a complex emotion that I really never understood until I had kids. I wondered, “if they are so exhausting then why would you have them?” Now I get it and it’s why I love this guest post from Emily.

SAHM? What’s in a name?

This guest post from Katie had me laughing, but also nodding in solemn agreement because I hated the term SAHM when I was one. I vote for Domestic Engineer. It just sounds better.


When I was pregnant and had a new baby I loved, loved, loved reading birth and new motherhood stories from other people. It made me feel less scared and lonely to know another woman was going through the same stuff. So when I got this funny, reassuring guest post from Melissa I knew some of you would really appreciate it – it’s like free therapy!

Motherhood is a Verb

  If I’ve learned anything about motherhood so far, it’s this: Motherhood is like a clay sculpture. The big moments and milestones may define…

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True Pregnancy Moments (15 Printables)

15 Free Pregnancy Milestone Printables that keep it real! Forget the typical ‘baby kicks’, what about the first time you needed help out of the tub? (They would even make a cute, inexpensive shower gift.) Too funny

What Love Looks Like

Another great guest post from Abbie, who really seems to know what a romantic relationship and true love look like after a couple babies…

Best Advice for New Parents

My great-grandmother always said “babies need air” – meaning that they should go outside every day. I’m not sure if there is any science…