mom vs swimsuit

Mom vs. Swimsuit

Before we all bid a fond farewell to summer, I just had to share this hilarious guest post from Jessa. Every mom I know has had that critical post-baby showdown with a swimsuit and Jessa nails the inner monologue and wisely point out that your baby does not care how you look. Damn straight! 

Motherhood: Oh, The Irony!

Have you ever noticed how life with small children is essentially one contradiction after the next? Louisa sent me this post and it perfectly sums up the the blaring inconsistencies of parenting infants and toddlers. I’m glad I’m not the only one who reacts to this stuff as a parent with a big “WTF?” 

– Amy

Common Car Seat Mistakes

I actually pride myself on being very safety conscious (code: paranoid and anal retentive) but I made quite a few of these mistakes when…

Batmom Undercover

I’m not sure if I’m disturbed or comforted that there are people in the world that are just as passively aggressive as I am. Sure, you could just face the problem head on but how dull is that? 


8 Signs You’ve “Arrived” as a Mom

I had to chuckle at #8 of these Signs You’ve Arrived as a Mom because I remember it being like a Superbowl Half Time Show to bathe my son in those first few weeks. I remember it soooo well ::shudder::

Act Like a Girl Video

At first I cringed when I saw this video was created by Always – great, another ’empowerment’ video created by some ad turd (I…

Baby Percentiles

Baby Percentiles and Growth

Percentiles are a clinical measure your pediatrician uses to plot your child’s overall physical growth on a chart of the general population. So after…