Week 2 of Pregnancy

You’re still not pregnant, but your body is building up your uterine lining to prep for ovulation. If you’re paying attention, you’ll notice an…

Week 1 of Pregnancy

Let’s be honest here, there really is no week one. This is the first day of your last period and this is what you’ll…

21 Questions I Asked My Pregnant Self in a Single Day

How absolutely refreshing to know that I’m not the only one who spends much of the day having conversations with myself in my own head. This guest post from Kris takes it to a new level by outlining the crazy internal monologue of a pregnant woman. (By the way, YES, you are totally sleeping for two.)

Top Birth Fears

I’m all about giving you guys plenty of information in an effort to keep your pregnancy sunny side up. But I know many of…

Baby’s First Easter

Easter’s springing up early this year so it’s time to get cracking (egg pun intended) if you’re thinking about doing Baby’s First Easter Basket….

pregnancy milestone

True Pregnancy Moments (15 Printables)

15 Free Pregnancy Milestone Printables that keep it real! Forget the typical ‘baby kicks’, what about the first time you needed help out of the tub? (They would even make a cute, inexpensive shower gift.) Too funny

Pregnancy Myths, REVEALED! (An Illustrated Guide)

If you are pregnant I can guarantee that people are going to chime in with insights – some are just to make pleasant chit-chat, and some are plain weird and wrong. This guest post from Erin blows open some of the better ones along with some kick ass illustrations.