Pregnancy Myths, REVEALED! (An Illustrated Guide)

If you are pregnant I can guarantee that people are going to chime in with insights – some are just to make pleasant chit-chat, and some are plain weird and wrong. This guest post from Erin blows open some of the better ones along with some kick ass illustrations.

My Postpartum Body

I often read articles about women hating their postpartum bodies – and others about women loving them – but I love this guest post from Caity because it’s about having a goal while still embracing what you have (and what you’ve done).

How to Handle Bed Rest

Being placed on bed rest can be scary, stressful, inconvenient, and honestly a little bit boring, so I asked my favourite bed-rest bandit, Jess, to write a post on how to get through it. – Amy

So, Do You Have Kids?

I don’t know about you, but I am a way better worker now that I’m a mom. Moms are multi-tasking ninja! This guest post by Jessica tackles all those unfair assumptions bosses and employers make about working moms and explains why they’re total bullshit.

working third trimester

Working While Pregnant in Third Trimester

Some great advice about how to manage working in your third trimester. Seems better than my advice which is shuffling around saying, “Shove it up your ass, Dan.” to anyone that asks you to do anything.

Pregnant Pause

This funny, sweet, sad guest post was sent to us by Jennifer, who perfectly describes the thrilling excitement of thinking/hoping/believing you’re going to see a positive pregnancy sign on that pee stick.

To My Pregnant Sister (Because I Scared the Shit Out of Her)

You know all those magazine covers with post-partum celebs who look gorgeous and are beaming while gushing about how amazing new motherhood is? Time to keep it real. This guest post from Genevieve is just plain honest and will be a breath of fresh air for you new moms who aren’t quite clicking your heels yet.

Things That Become Difficult When You Have a Toddler and a Baby Bump

Did anyone else think their second pregnancy would be easier than the first? I guess I thought I’d be an expert and so I was all, OH I GOT THIS. Ah, how naive. I didn’t take into account that there was a toddler around who didn’t give a rat’s ass that I was growing a new life. Kristin sent us this guest post and I remembered how many things were so much harder the second time around.

Third Trimester Bingo

When Leilah Mooney Joseph (a FTM who was 33 weeks pregnant in Washington DC in August) tweeted me this Third Trimester Bingo I just howled. I’m…