Scary Shit

Pregnant Pause

This funny, sweet, sad guest post was sent to us by Jennifer, who perfectly describes the thrilling excitement of thinking/hoping/believing you’re going to see a positive pregnancy sign on that pee stick.


    It was the middle of a Canadian winter when my son was born, so many a cold day had to be spent…

“Just One”

This was posted on Facebook and I loved it so much that I asked Jeanette if I could post it here. I hope you like it as much as I do.

Scary Shit Series

Whether it's something we read, saw on the news, or have a personal experience with it, there is always one or two things that...

Loss and Miscarriage

Sometimes loss is sadly a part of pregnancy and it’s often a dark topic that nobody wants to talk about and you become a part of a secret society that no one wants to be in.