Clean Nest, New Chick

As soon as I told my 86-year-old grandmother I was pregnant, she said: “If you suddenly find yourself cleaning the house like a mad…

Why I Don’t Want My Body Back

So many news outlets and websites make a point of exemplifying the mom who “got her body back” right after giving birth. That’s why I love this guest post from Christine – she’s not buying into the madness.

The Other F Word

I don’t know how it is where you are, but around here “breast is best” is tattooed on our bosoms. And it’s true that…

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5 Little Words

One thing that really surprised me about motherhood is that no matter how good a job you’re doing, you regularly wonder if you’re kicking ass or just screwing it all up. I love this guest post from Kylie because she suggests such a simple way to give a new (or seasoned) mom a boost!

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It’s a What???

Of course, the thing we all want the most is to have a healthy pregnancy and baby. But sometimes when you find out the sex of your baby you’re hit with feelings that you didn’t expect. I find Samm’s honesty in the post so damn refreshing.

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Great Expectations

At a family shower for my first pregnancy, guests filled out advice cards for anything they felt pertinent to motherhood. One in particular wrote,…

So, Do You Have Kids?

I don’t know about you, but I am a way better worker now that I’m a mom. Moms are multi-tasking ninja! This guest post by Jessica tackles all those unfair assumptions bosses and employers make about working moms and explains why they’re total bullshit.

This is Parenting

  She cries out in the night, the long mournful wail of the weary. Her tears stain my pajamas as I comfort her in…

On Not Holding Back Joy

When I read this guest post I felt parts of my insides ache and the tears dribbled down my face. The author so perfectly describes the grief surrounding pregnancy loss and the subsequent struggle of imagining a new pregnancy. The author wishes to remain anonymous and I know we all hope she is finding joy again.