This is Parenting

  She cries out in the night, the long mournful wail of the weary. Her tears stain my pajamas as I comfort her in…

Pregnant Pause

This funny, sweet, sad guest post was sent to us by Jennifer, who perfectly describes the thrilling excitement of thinking/hoping/believing you’re going to see…

To My Pregnant Sister (Because I Scared the Shit Out of Her)

You know all those magazine covers with post-partum celebs who look gorgeous and are beaming while gushing about how amazing new motherhood is? Time to keep it real. This guest post from Genevieve is just plain honest and will be a breath of fresh air for you new moms who aren’t quite clicking your heels yet.

mom vs swimsuit

Mom vs. Swimsuit

  Swimsuit season. Two words that definitely make me cringe when paired together. I remember as a kid and even a teenager, just throwing…

A Tale of Two Boobs

  Once upon a time, there lived a woman who had quite a blasé relationship with her breasts. She never fretted about their size,…

Batmom Undercover

I’m not sure if I’m disturbed or comforted that there are people in the world that are just as passively aggressive as I am. Sure, you could just face the problem head on but how dull is that? 


Bun in the literal oven (and other pregnancy/postpartum surprises)

When I read this post from Lisa Peek over at, I thought “yes!” I was so damn hot when I was pregnant – not ‘sexy’ hot more like ‘fat man back hair’ hot. Are we alone in this?

By the way, I added a link to hair tourniquets but don’t look it up. It’s when one of your hairs gets wrapped around a baby’s toe. It happens all the time but you see it and you take it off. They only publish the horror stories so don’t look.

– Amy

My Holiday Tradition

I have one holiday tradition. One. I take a picture of my family and I put it in an ornament for the Christmas tree…

That Kind of Girl

Love this post from Megan. This could have been me except that she’s a better writer and I didn’t grow up in New York. Maybe it’s not like me. Okay, never mind, just read it.

A Gentle Cesarean

A gentle cesarean – when a c-section isn’t your first choice, you can still have an amazing birth. Here’s Lydia’s story.

“Just One”

  I disliked being pregnant. I originally wrote “hated” but there were some pluses to consider, so “disliked” seems more appropriate. I mean, I…