Win a $100 Gift Card to Tribe Maternity!

Enter to win a gift card toward any Tribe Maternity sportswear! Open to the U.S. and Canada!

Tribe Maternity is the first sportswear company of its kind, with performance-wear created exclusively for moms-to-be.  Plus, every product helps another mother in need worldwide.

  • One item can fund a midwife kit needed to overcome nearly all basic childbirth complications.
  • Two items can fund complete health services for mother/baby – things like prenatal exams, safe delivery and immunizations.
  • Three items make it possible to also offer surgical kits, makeshift ambulance services and even Obstetrics training.
  • A portion of every purchase is dedicated to nutrition – before/during/after childbirth.  Always.
  • Tribe Maternity is about mothers helping mothers.

We are mothers!

Our designers, manufacturers, graphic designers, photographers – all of us are professionals, athletes, and moms.  We all entered our pregnancies with the goal of continuing to exercise, but never imagined that the clothes would require the most endurance!  Boring colors?  Heavy fabric?  Belly flaps?  No. No. No. 

We believe that expectant women deserve better.

Our sportswear is stylish, high-quality, and made to fit like a second skin.  Plus, it’s affordable!  $100 = 2-3 items!

Choose from our selection of performance-wear that fits your personal style, and gives another mom the greatest gift of all – the gift of a healthy baby.  Want to join our tribe?  Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.  Share the Health!

Tribe Maternity

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