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Prize includes a White Monarch Bikini, a Blush Mariposa Bikini and a White Pearly Eye Thong worth $100! is a revolutionary newfound design in women’s intimate apparel that provides pregnant women effortless comfort when changing in and out of their underwear.

As a pregnant woman carrying twins, Wings Founder Azita Yaghoobian found difficulty doing her daily routines she once thought were simple. One routine was changing her underwear. “Bending over every day to take my underwear on or off while holding my balance, at the same time trying not to fall over or strain my back was difficult for me. This is how the idea of Wings came about.”

Through much research, The Wings team has created the “no bending needed, side opening panty” in hopes of enhancing women’s lives in all different circumstances – a major one being pregnancy.

With the signature W side opening design, pregnant women are now able to change easily and comfortably, by hooking and unhooking the sides of their panties. You can now change into a fresh pair standing straight, without having to bend or strain your back!

Their cotton and lace styles were made to make women feel strong, sexy and confident – because being pregnant doesn’t mean you can’t be SEXY!


White Monarch Bikini

Named after the iconic butterfly, the Monarch Bikini is a staple that belongs in every panty drawer. This panty is proof that comfort can also be sexy. Cut with a soft, stretchy cotton, and our signature closure and side-opening design, these Wings will have you feeling like you’re on a cloud. Our feminine lace trim adds a hint of sexiness, so comfort doesn’t have to be boring.
• Lace: 85% nylon, 15% spandex
• Cotton: 95% cotton, 5% spandex


Blush Mariposa Bikini

Sexy and Sophisticated. Our Mariposa Bikini is rich with romantic lace and feminine detail that will get the inner Wings Woman in you feeling sexy from the inside out. With its delicate elastic and lace trim, our signature closure and side-opening design, and soft blush lace, the Mariposa Bikini will give you the wings you need to fly high.
• 85% Nylon
• 15% Spandex


White Pearly Eye Thong

Sophisticated, Stunning and Serene describe the Pearly Eye quite perfectly. With its delicate floral lace front and stretch mesh rear, the Pearly Eye Thong will have you feeling as feminine as ever. Its milky white color paired with our signature closure and side-opening design are made to flatter any skin tone.
• 85% Nylon
• 15% Spandex

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