Pregnancy Lingerie: You Still Got It, Mamma!


I can’t remember what maternity thing I was looking for when I stumble across this maternity line of lingerie. At first I was all “Ew, awkward” but then I was all “Why the hell not?! You get down with your bad self, pregnant lady.”

So in honor of Father’s Day and the gentlemen that got you in the ‘family way’ in the first place, I present you with Hotmilk. Cuz your milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, Lady!

All the models on the site are clearly in Stage 3 but even in Stage 5 they’d look a hell of a lot better than I would running around the woods dressed as little red riding hood in my underpants. Just sayin’.

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  • I am all about some sexy lingerie when I feel icky cuz I am as big as a house. I love the idea of it but I think I will pass on the super expensive Hot Milk ones and squeeze my belly into the cheap Target nighties.

  • Random pregnant reaction to looking at the website – I now want to go and fix myself a bedtime mug of hot milk!

    And my DH bought me some "sexy" undies – they were massive granny knickers, but they have lace on the front, so he figured that made them sexy. Bless him. Maybe I need to go lingerie shopping!

  • I am completely on board with the Old Navy "lingerie!" I was there too during my pregnancy. The Hotmilk stuff takes it to a whole new level that I’d never even considered going to, but I’ve got to say I admire the concept and the ladies who are modeling it. Might give me pause to think about my "sexy" garments next time around. But maybe not. 😐

  • I know there’s something slightly porn’ish in the way it’s shot but I wasn’t sure if it’s because it’s porny or because the women are pregnant.

    When I was pregnant I thought I was all happenin’ because I wore Old Navy cotton maternity underwear in the BIKINI style. I know, slut, right? So maybe you have to be more of a lingerie person to begin with.

  • of course the first thing I clicked on was "men only" because I don’t care much for rules, man. meh.

    I’m still having issues with the whole your-changing-body-is-hott because most days I feel like a beached orca and something tells me a $60 bra isn’t going to help that.

    Looking at other women in lingerie makes me feel a bit voyeuristic, in the creepy way…

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