Pedia Bear Giveaway

I know first hand how hard it is to calm a tired baby, so I’m was always open to products that can help with that.

Enter the Scent Science Blanket.

It was conceived by a pediatric nurse who noticed how comforted and calmed an infant became when mom or dad was on the unit cuddling their little one. Not to mention how soundly the baby slept if they left something behind with their scent on it. So she developed a super soft blanket that has a little pocket to tuck a scent swatch that will soothe and comfort a fussy baby. Simply add a little bit of your scent – whether it’s a dab of your moisturizer, a hint of your perfume or a spritz of dry vermouth – so it smells just like you. Plus, it’s just plain nicer than your baby cuddling your old, ratty “Team Edward” tshirt.


Want one? Well, here’s your chance to win a full size Scent Science Blanket of your very own (a $44.95 value).

Just let me know what you would scent your blanket with in the comments below (for the love of God, don’t get gross on me here) and I’ll choose a random winner next Monday (October 31st).

Good luck!

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