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Every time someone sends me an email asking to do a giveaway, I pray that it’s going to be something I think you guys will like. So when I clicked on the Etsy site from evgieNev, I let out a great yip of joy (it sounds similar to the sound prairie dogs make when they see a hawk).

Evgie and Ev, make these incredible wall decals that are easy to apply, and easy to remove, so you can transform any room from ho hum to hell ya!

Their vinyl decals are made from high quality matte (made in Germany) vinyl which looks like painted on the wall. Except they are better because it’s not a pain the butt to apply like paint, you can’t screw it up like paint and it isn’t time consuming to change like paint.

Here are just a few of the wall decals that I loved:

Multicolored Abstract Wild Flowers Vinyl Sticker $38



Pink Rose Polka Dots $25



Birdhouse Growth Chart $48



Large Tree with Birds $90



Fairy Tree with Flowers and Stars $119



Monkeys on Tree $149



Jungle Wall $215


I just love that you can paint a room a neutral colour, then completely transform it into a nursery, child’s room or playroom, then completely transform it again if you want a change or as your child gets older, with little to no effort. Plus, if you have a theme you’re trying to work with, they can totally customize your decal. Want blue monkeys instead of brown? Want owls instead of fairies? They will even work with you to create something completely unique. You know, if you’re doing a “one-legged frogs with top hats” theme.

Great idea, non? Well, here’s your chance to win a $60 gift certificate towards anything in the shop. Just peruse the evgieNev site, and let me know what decal you would use your gift certificate towards in the comments here (don’t forget your email address). I’ll pick a random winner next Monday (Nov 21).

While you’re at it, ‘like’ evgieNev’s Facebook page and get extra discounts and the ‘in’ on other contests. 

That calls for a couple more prairie dog “yips!”

Good luck.

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