Blanqi Bodystyler Giveaway

I will just start this by saying that I could have really used one of these when I was pregnant.

It’s a Banqi Bodystyler. At first glance I thought it looked like a girdle or something, but on closer inspection it looks like a super soft tank that just smoothes out the lumps and gives you some support. It was invented by these two beautiful girls that have perfect skin (it’s crazy, watch their You Tube video)

These are the things I love about it:

  • You can wear your own bra with it. I never trust anything with a cup because of boob spillage – no one needs that shit.
  • It has built in belly support to lighten the load of your baby. It’s like having a Hobbit standing under your bump to hold it up a bit.
  • It smoothes out the fat without cutting off the blood circulation to your head.
  • It won’t roll down like some maternity bands.
  • Holds up unbuttoned pants when you want to sport some non-maternity clothes
  • You look all pulled together (literally) when you’re wearing it so people will comment on how great you look and fetch you cupcakes. It’s bound to happen.


It comes in black and nude, like all tasteful undergarments should, and it comes in two lengths: regular and long. Plus, it’s fancy. Retailers like Nordstrom’s, A Pea in the Pod and Bare Necessities carry it and my favourite classy pregnant lady, Nina Garcia from Project Runway, loved hers. 

Want one? I sure as hell do and I’m not even pregnant.

Well here’s your chance to win your very own. Just check out, have a boo, then come back here and let me know which feature of the Blanqi Bodystyler is the most important to you. I would pick “back fat minimizing” myself.

Be sure to also check these guys out on Facebook, and Twitter

I’ll pick a random winner next Monday (November 28th). Good luck!


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