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Ladies, you know how a love a good t-shirt. You know, something with a sassy saying that doesn’t creep up over your belly so you look like you should be hunting squirrel for dinner.

Enter 2 Chix Maternity. A hip maternity line out of Los Angeles popular for their fun, vintage-style novelty tees. Angelina Jolie, Brooke Shields, Jennifer Garner and Tia Mowry are a few A-List mommies who are fans of the trendy line. So chances are Brad Pitt has brushed up against one of these t-shirts which makes it that much more awesome for me.

As I mentioned, I love, love, love the long cut on these. I also love the placement of the graphics sitting on the boobs not under which is my personal pet peeve on maternity shirts that have been printed on a man’s XL undershirt.

Here are a few of my faves:

Somehow seems cooler than “It’s a Boy.” Side note: what the hell is she holding? Is that a giraffe, llama, loch ness monster? I’m stumped.


“Waistlines are overrated” is a phrase that I think we can all agree is universal.


Love these long-sleeved hoodies. (I like the look of that chocolate bar as well.)


Nice. Although, mine would have needed to say “with bump and plump with a little frump” but I’m sure you look better than I did.


The fact that these guys have plus sizes gets a “hell ya” from me. You mean you’re 37 weeks pregnant and not a size 4? How novel.


Fun, eh? Well, if you’d like to win one and be just like Brad Pitt’s lovah, go check out the 2 Chix site and let me know what you’d like if you won. You have a choice of any tee, tank or long-sleeved shirt.

I’ll pick a random winner next Monday (December 5th).

Be sure to also check them out on Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck!

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