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This little company is called myubby and they make customized blankets for babies to adults.

There are more than 50 unique ubby fabric styles and color/print options to choose from, 12 poly satin edging colors (like the satin stuff I used to rub under my nose while I was sucking my thumb as a kid), along with embroidered personalization. It also appears that these blankets are made of the stuff that baby bunnies sneeze because that is some damn soft lookin’ material.

They have three sizes:

itty bitty ubby (15″ x 15″): which would make a nice travel blanket, baby doll blanket, burp cloth, face wiper, car seat tucker, softer than soft change pad or just a good old security blanket.

original myubby (35″ x 45″): makes the perfect playtime mat, wrap me up to go outside throw, stroller tucker on a chilly day, super hero cape, sick on the couch curl up cozy, or just all round kick ass blanket.

big ubby (50″ x 60″): This would make the perfect wrap-up-on-the-couch-and-watch-True-Blood-with-a-nice-hot-mug-of-Christmas-Lemonade (NeoCitran) or a nice gift for someone else (I suppose).

The combinations are just endless, check it out:

When Melina from myubby first contacted me she offered to send me a blanket and I was all, “No, no, I don’t really review the stuff personally anymore because I don’t have a baby.”, plus, I don’t like to come off like a greedy bitch and demand that everyone send me free stuff in order to write a review – it feels like payola with minky fabric. But now that I’m going through and creating all these combinations I’m totally kicking myself for not taking her up on it. I think I’m going to get a large one that has “fat ass” stitched on it so I can sit on the couch with it AND no one will steal myubby. I take my laziness verrry seriously, Folks.

Anyway, get this. They are giving three of you a chance to win custom blankets. Yep, 3! So go to the myubby site and create your very own combination then post it here (don’t worry, you don’t have to give me every detail – I won’t hold you to it) and I’ll choose three random winners next Monday that will win their myubby creation.

Be sure to also check out their Facebook page for some inspiration. Some of the colour combinations are really sharp.

Good luck, Peeps!

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