Pregnant Chicken is One. Bawk!

I can’t believe I started Pregnant Chicken a year ago. A year ago! Time certainly flies when you’re having fun.

I was trying to remember which topics I started out with. I know for sure that cat litter, sushi and alcohol were among the first because they were subjects that I googled the hell out of when I was pregnant. (Really, gives you a nice, little snapshot of the kind of person I am, doesn’t it?) Anyway, it’s certainly been fun researching and writing about the hysteria surrounding pregnancy and childbirth and it thrills me that anyone wants to read it. The best part of it all is discovering all of you incredible people reading the site and knowing that you’re reproducing – it’s strangely comforting.

So before I break into a bad rendition of “I Have Nothing If I Don’t Have You” by Whitney Houston (post crack days), I’d just like to thank you all for your encouragement, your great ideas, and your constant sense of humour. I really would be nothing if I didn’t have you and if we were drunk in a bar right now, this is when I’d start crying and try to hug you but I’d accidentally knock over the table full of empties and get us both kicked out.

I love you that much, man.

I honour of this, Pregnant Chicken is doing two weeks of giveaway. Come again, Burd?! That’s right, I said two weeks. And let me tell you, if I was pregnant right now, I’d be raffling off my dryer lint and a Shawn Cassidy record because these are some good giveaways and I’d be keeping that shit for myself. But because I love you guys and you are the ones that have elevated me to my Oprah opulence (in my head), I’m passing along the swag to you. I’m also making it easy to enter so you don’t have to get five friends to like me on Facebook then weave a sweater out of pubic hair because those contests need a kick in the pills.

So starting tomorrow, check in for the next two weeks and get in on some wicked goods.

Love you guys and thanks for making the Bird the wurd.

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  • Happy Birthday!

    Just found your blog in January in only my 5th week of first pregnancy (twins!) Can't wait to read more for the next 7 months! Keep us laughing Pregnant Chicken 🙂

  • Just discovered you in Jan. as this is my first pregnancy. Thanks for the laughs. It means so much more than you'll ever know.

  • You've only been around for a year? Now I don't feel like I've been missing out that I only discovered you in December!

    And PC, listen up………..Oprah Opulence? Honey, you are better than Oprah in my book. Oprah *never* articulates what I am thinking in my head but too cowardly to say outloud. She never says the right thing. You nail it every time. That's worth it's weight in gold.

    Many congrats on your first year and much love for many more years!

  • Dear Preggo Chicken,

    I'm a ftm who found your blog in my 3rd trimester. I wish I would have found you sooner. Reading your site has brought me amusement and reassurance. So thank you, you got me through. In fact, lo arrived six days ago :).

  • I can't wait!!!! Happy Birthday Pregnant Chicken!! You've added humor and knowledge to my first pregnancy…. I'm excited I found you so early in my pregnancy! I get 26 more weeks of laughing out loud everyday and preparing for my world to be rocked!

  • Happy Birthday! And thank you so very much for what you do. I would be lost without you…. And I definently wouldn't laugh as hard. 🙂

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