GIANTmicrobes Giveaway

Nothing says “awesome” like a plush disease, so when the folks at GIANTmicrobes contacted me about a giveaway, I just couldn’t say “no”.

These guys make stuffed toys and other products based on germs, ailments, and other fun stuff we learned about in biology and they just crack me up. All their stuff is fun, lighthearted and strangely informative – are they in line with the Pregnant Chicken philosophy or what?

They have everything from the common cold to ebola, although, I have to say I am partial to diarrhea.

The jokes are simply endless, “Can you hold my diarrhea?”, “Have you seen the baby’s diarrhea?”, “Watch you don’t trip over the diarrhea next to the couch.” Ahhh, (eye wipe) good times.

Anyway, check out the site and just let me know what plush GIANTmicrobe you would like if you won in the comments below along with your email, and I’ll announce the winner tomorrow morning. Be sure to jump up at work and scream “I won bad breath! I won bad breath!” if you’re the lucky winner.

You can also find them on Facebook and Twitter.

Bon chance.

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