The Perfectionist’s Pregnancy Checklist Giveaway

I’m a big list maker. I make them for everything from groceries to my 20 year plan for the house (new eaves troughs is next).

So when Kristen Morgan Spring contacted me about her book, The Perfectionist’s Pregnancy Checklist, I thought it sounded like an intriguing idea.

Kristen is a lawyer turned stay-at-home mom of four kids and wanted to stay organised throughout her pregnancies. Like me, she’s a big list maker and put this collection together to help remember all those goodies that seem to go out the window when you’re in a pregnancy fog.

The handbook is broken down by trimester with an additional section on post pregnancy. And what I love about it, is that it’s an entire book of checklists. Everything from “Refill all your prescriptions (Ex: contacts, allergy meds, etc.)” to making sure you have your carseat installed so you can take the baby home – not that any idiot would forget to do this *cough, second kid, cough*.

There’s nothing overwhelming about it, just the satisfaction of checking things off so you feel like you have your act together. Unlike the baby book that I had for my son which was essentially a phone book of blank pages that required clever and heartfelt sentiment during a time when I couldn’t find my sunglasses because they were on my head.

This book is easy peasy and it gives you a small flicker of control (even if that is a laughable concept in motherhood).

Like the sound of this book? Want one? Here’s your checklist:

  • Check out Kristen’s site.
  • Leave a comment here (including your email address).
  • Tell every person you come in contact with for the next 24hours that Pregnant Chicken is the best and they just HAVE to read it! (optional)

I’ll announce a winner tomorrow. Check!

Oh, and be sure to check out the blog section of Kristen’s website. I especially like the Blessing the Hound from Hell story.

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