Bergin & Melissa CD Giveaway

Okay, remember Bergin & Melissa from my CDs for Kids That Don’t Suck it post?

They’re the ones that I totally love singing along with in the car and if one of them goes all Amy Winehouse and has to go to rehab, I’ve mastered some of the harmonies so I can totally step in. I just need to work on my inconsistent singing voice and my paralyzing fear of singing in front of anyone but I’m sure I’ll work out those bugs by the time the opportunity presents itself.

Anyway, this really is a lovely CD. Let’s Sing and Play is their debut album (Pregnant Chicken is always on the cutting edge) and, as Bergin & Melissa put it, “their mission was simple: create songs for kids that inspire them to sing, smile and learn a little along the way.”

My favourite song is “Let’s Go to the Zoo,” seriously, I love it more than what is appropriate for an adult. I don’t care and the haters that are stopped next to me at the traffic lights with their windows open can suck it.

Anyway, I’m giving away one of their CDs today so you can add some sweet sounds to your music library — they can be cataloged between Belle & Sebastian and Black Sabbath.

So check them out and then leave a comment here (don’t forget your email) and I’ll announce a winner tomorrow.

Rock on, my sweet song sirens!

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