Moby Wrap Giveaway

I’m excited about this giveaway. It’s a Moby wrap.

Right here I should launch into what I like about this thing but I came across a quote from Neil Patrick Harris talking about his three month old twins. When asked what baby gear he found essential he said, “The Moby Wrap. It’s this gigantic piece of fabric that you wrap around and around and around yourself until you look like you should be doing karate and then you sort of put them in and wrap them around and then you can carry on with your day,” he explains. “They just stay put and go to sleep.”

I know, right! Neil Patrick Harris! I love that man like butter on bread.

I’ve tried a lot of carriers and I found the ones that were less structured worked the best for me because I could adjust it to fit me just right. I love that there are no snaps and no velcro which, by the way, is the loudest sound on frickin’ earth when a baby is asleep. Shhh, there you go……KEEEECHHHHH…..oh, hello, you’re wide awake again AND startled. Great.

I imagine there would be a bit of a learning curve on this sucker but you can practice with your cat or defrosted chicken until the baby comes. Hey, you gotta get stuff figured, man!

Go check out the site for yourself and see how great they are. Then come back here and let me know which colour you’d like from the “classic” or “modern” collections (basically, any of the $39.95 wraps) and I’ll pick a winner tomorrow. Remember your email.

You can also find these guys on Facebook and Twitter. It’s what NPH would do!


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  • I totally made one for my cousin! Just get 5 yards of jersey knit fabric, cut down the middle length-wise, iron on a decal in the middle and voila! You actually make two. She absolutely loves it and I can't wait to make my own : )

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