The reason I found out the gender of my children is because I’m a nosy bugger that can’t wait for surprises, but many parents look forward to that surprise. I get it though. I mean, how cool must it be to hear someone say, “It’s a boy!” or “It’s a girl!” like something out of a movie?

The drag is that it’s difficult to prepare for the unexpected. Most baby stuff is pretty gender specific and even though there is a reasonable amount of gender neutral stuff out there, it would be nice to have the odd pink or blue item around once you’ve had your little boy or girl.

Enter the website

You register the same way you would for any registry except, on most items, you can choose the blue, pink or NFO version.

You’ll receive all your neutral gifts ahead of time so you can be prepared and then you get the rest of your blue/pink stash once your baby arrives. Shoppers can have a Gift Preview Card sent to them so they aren’t empty handed at your shower or they can even have it sent directly to you in a card or email.

Why hasn’t anybody thought of this before?

So the ladies over at wanted to give you all a little somethin’, somethin’ and offered up these awesome items:

Peek-a-Boo Dirty & Clean Organizers: Dirty & Clean Diaper Bag Organizers from SugarBooger® keep clean and soiled clothes separate in a diaper bag, on the go, or in a preschool cubby.

Peek-a-Boo Dish Set: SugarBooger Peek-a-Boo Baby Collection Five-Piece Baby Dish Set includes 8.5 inch diameter melamine plate, 6 oz. capacity Sippy Cup with lid, 4.5 inch diameter bowl that holds 20 ounces, and matching fork and spoon. Gift boxed, dishwasher safe, do not microwave. Hand wash for best results. All our melamine and vinyl-related products are non-toxic and lead-free according to U.S., European, and Canadian standards.

Peek-a-Boo Splat Mat: Eating. Drinking. Crafts. Pretty much anything kids do can get messy. Made of non-toxic and BPA-free PVC & cotton, the Peek-a-Boo Splat Mat is just the thing to contain the chaos. Comes in a reusable vinyl pouch so it’s great for restaurants and travel, too.

Good stuff, non?

All you have to do to score this booty, is to check out their website then come back here and let me know if you’d like the pink, blue or NFO version. You can also find these guys on Facebook and Twitter.

I’ll pick the winner randomly Saturday morning (Feb 26) so expect the unexpected, Mama!

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