Take it Personally by Christine Giveaway

When Christine first sent me her site about personalised invitations and announcements, I thought “Cool, she does personalised shower invitations with a pregnant woman on the invite”. Then I looked closer and realised it was THE pregnant woman on the invite. She actually does an illustration of you.

Holy crap, cool!

It’s a great way of capturing how you look pregnant but without the weird breakout, swollen ankles and uncontrolable sweating that some of us get when we’re pregnant (*cough* me). What a fantastic idea.

Here’s a brief description of how it works but you can find the real nitty gritty here:

  • You send Christine three good pictures of the guest of honour along with the invite details.
  • She does an illustration and sends you a proof of how it’s going to look.
  • You proof it and make any final corrections.
  • Christine has the invitations printed and sent off to you.
  • You bask in the glory of your guests being blown away by the shear awesomeness of it all.

You can see in her samples that she’s pretty bang on. My favourite is the woman with the tattoo because you just know you’re not finding those invites at Hallmark.

Christine has generously offered up pack of 50 invitations (valued at $105). Even if you win and pass this along to your best friend with a hint-hint-make-this-happen-for-my-“surprise”-shower, I say go for it!

Have a look around her site then comeback here and let me know which design you would like if you won.

I think I’ll have her do up a lawn sign of me that says “Hot Bitch” so all my neighbours will know what they’re dealing with. Of course, I have her shave off 10 pounds and give me bigger boobs – you know, creative license and all.

Good luck.

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