A Big Birthday Thank You

Whew, the giveaways are over.

I found out two things: one, I suck at posting everyday and, two, my readers are the best people on the fucking planet.

Actually, I already knew that my readers were awesome so I just learned that I can’t post everyday and I probably could have guessed that one so really I didn’t discover much.

So essentially this post is to thank you for entering all the giveaways.

Most of the giveaways were provided by small businesses that are trying to get the word out so I know all your entries and kick-ass comments meant a lot to them. I can’t wait to do some more and feel free to suggest where you’d like to see a giveaway from and I’ll see if I can get them to cough something up. You know, within reason though, I probably can’t score you a $24,000 Mariah Carey crib – I not Oprah, Hookers.

Anyway, you all made this the best Pregnant Chicken birthday ever. Words really can’t express the way I feel so I found this clip on YouTube that sums it up best. Kisses and ass smacks to you all.

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  • Dear Amy:
    1) happy anniversary! You have created something great.
    2) I'm secretly glad the giveaways are over. Because I'm not pregnant. And I'd rather read your posts, anyway.
    3) I have a gorgeous Hooters half-shirt that you are welcome to give away. It looked stunning on me when I was nine months along.

    Kisses, Ass Smacks, and all that –

  • I don't let my husband call me 'hookah' but I sure do enjoy being counted among one of the Pregnant Chicken Hookahs. Happy belated birthday! And oh, I just noticed there were two other posts above me from Alison, but that wasn't me and also, it looks like I'm gonna have to change the spelling of my name because apparently one L isn't that rare anymore.

  • Oh and Happy Bloggy Birthday (a bit late since my ass is tolerating the masses in Disney World :))

  • First of all, LOVE the site. Can't stop giggling when I read and shouting "SOMEONE GETS IT!" Now, for the Trololo guy… even better…

    I'm a nerd to the disjaved degree and when Wil Wheaton posted this almost a year ago I damn near peed giggling at it… Oh the silliness of these boys.

  • And here's an ass smack back at ya! (smack)

    Love the blog. Thanks for being a bright spot in my day!

  • Thanks so much Jacque! I just checked out that baby music site and it was awesome! I can't wait to give these to my best friend who is expecting her first! LOVE IT!

  • OOPS! You were right, you do have them listed, with their Led Zepplin CD. I just found you a couple of months ago… so I must admit I have not gone as far back at May 2010, just yet! But when my husband steals the remote tonight I will get caught up.

  • Hey Jacque, I really like those guys. At first I thought you were talking about the series I have listed in "CDs for Kids Don't Suck It" post but those guys are different. Very nice!

    Hez, move over under that rock, I saw that video for the first time last week. I peed.

  • I love your blog! It brightens my every day. Thought I would share an awesome gift I got from my old college roommate. I am expecting my first this summer and she sent me Rockabye Baby CD: Lullaby Renditions of Kanye West. It is Kanye West's greatest hits made into lullabys. No lyrics, just the music beats in pretty instruments. And to answer your questions that you are probably thinking: Yes I thought I was gangsta in college and loved Kanye. And Yes! They have other artists. Everything from the Beatles to Pink Floyd to No Doubt.
    Here is the website. Just thought I would share a neat idea!

  • I just realized that 3 million people knew about this already… so I'm the only one living under a rock. Disregard my last comment. 🙂 (Except for the head dance part – that still stands.)

  • Okay – first of all… where do you find these things? What kind of a search would you have to do to come across this??

    Second – [head dance] is my signature move. He totally stole it.

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