Dreamgenii Pregnancy Pillow Giveaway

Oh man, I think you guys are going to like this one.

It’s a Dreamgenii® pillow.

This award winning sucker is the best selling pregnancy pillow in the UK and they have just gone global with it. It retails for around $69.95 and I think it’s so sexy and smart, like Stephen Colbert.

The Dreamgenii was designed by a pregnant mother who was unable to get a decent night’s sleep and felt frustrated with the cumbersome size of other pregnancy pillow products. Its ingenious design provides support for the back, bump and knees without taking up the entire bed and continues to be useful after birth as a nursing pillow.

I would call mine, Gary.

To see how the awesomeness works, check out this video:

Smart, right?

May I also recommend you use it as a surrounding “ring of security” when your baby is *learning* to sit up and play with toys? You know, the period of time when they haven’t quite mastered sitting so they topple off to the left like a drunk David Hasselhoff with an inner ear problem. Just a thought.

But we’re worried about your comfort right now, right? Let’s win this thing, shall we?

Leave a comment below and tell me how your sleep has changed during pregnancy (maybe hasn’t at all but you want a wicked ass pillow to make it even better) then check out the site and the Dreamgeniiusa facebook page.

I’ll select a random winner next Monday. Good luck!

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