Disco Belly Giveaway

I featured these guys a long time ago (clearly before I knew how to add pictures to the blog) because I thought their t-shirts were so awesome. So I was pretty jazzed when they asked me if I would be interested in doing a give away. Uh, yeah!

Personally, I find nice, long reasonably priced, fitted t-shirt EXTREMELY hard to fit when you’re pregnant. Why? I have no damn idea. All I know is that most of the shirts I picked up when I was pregant was either made for a 13-year old, short boy, or an overweight, 50-year old, man that enjoys listening to Conway Twitty (which kind of makes him awesome).

These guys make reasonably priced ts and they are clever and cool to boot.

Here are a few of my faves:

As a graphic designer, I am totally digging the font placement on this. I think it’s such a smart way of saying, “It’s a boy” without saying, “It’s a boy”. They have a Sugar and Spice version too.


I love this custom tee that answer the “When are you due?” question. Again, I love the type placement so you’re not a walking gimmick.


Teens will think you’re pretty cool wearing this shirt. Well, as much as teens can think a pregnant woman is cool.


This is the shirt that originally caught my eye way back when. I’m all over an 80 reference like Seth Macfarlane and just be grateful you can’t hear me humming right now (and busting a move in parachute pants).


It took me a minute to pick up on the minivan destiny reference (simply because I’m stupid) but I just think this is so neat. I love that dad gets to get in on this too. Plus, this one is in brown, and everyone knows that brown t-shirt wearing guys are hot. Don’t tell me Brad Pitt wouldn’t wear one of these. Don’t you dare try to tell me that!

Are these t-shirts cool? Don’t you feel hipper just by reading this? I do!

So let’s win one, shall we?

Simply go to the Disco Belly site and tell me which t-shirt you’d like if you won in the comments below. I choose a random winner next Monday (September 26, 2011).


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