Amalou Skin Care Line Giveaway

I got an email a while ago from a gal asking what she could
use on her face to stop her skin from breaking out while she was pregnant. Her
friend had recommended butter. Methinks her friend is trying to look a little
prettier next to her zitty pregnant buddy. “Surprise! I’m taking you to hot
yoga and a martini bar for your shower! Here, wear this tube top.”

So I did a bit of research and
there aren’t very many effective products you can use on your skin to combat
acne, because many of the usual suspects (retinoids, etc.) are a little iffy when you’re pregnant.

Then I got an email from Ellie Magnuson, the Co-Founder of Amalou Skin, asking me if I’d be willing to try some samples of
their new maternity conscious face care line that helps expecting ladies with
acne and melasma (pregnancy mask).

The line has none of the dicey ingredients commonly found in
acne products (benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid, retinoids, hydroquonine,
parabens, phlalates, sulfates) or any fragrances to irritate sensitive skin. Just things like azelaic acid, green tea extract, grape
seed extract and peptides.

So I’m all like, “sure send me some” assuming that this hippy
concoction won’t really work and make me smell like patchouli.

Well, isn’t it just the best stuff ever. Holy crap did my
skin look great.

Now I should clarify, I don’t have acne anymore even though I
have issues now and again. I had a lot of trouble with it in my teens and
twenties but, as I aged, it cleared up. So even though my skin has never looked
better using this product line, I don’t know what the dent will be like on
that horrible cystic acne that starts somewhere deep in your skull – I can’t imagine finding anything else that is this safe doing a better job though.

Here’s what the line looks like:

  • REVEAL: Exfoliating
    Face Wash, with tea tree oil, chamomile and azelaic acid
  • PRIME:  Detoxifying
    Tonic, which is Alcohol-free with natural antiseptics, antioxidants and azelaic
    acid. It smells like Vics Vapo Rub but I dig that note.
  • GLOW: Balancing
    Moisturizer, with peptides, tea tree oil and azelaic acid
  • RESTORE: Night
    Treatment, with azelaic acid and hydrogen peroxide. It will make your skin look great and lighten your moustache.

All their products were developed with the help of industry experts
including cosmetic chemists, dermatologist & OBGYNs.

Now it ain’t cheap. Well, depending on what you normally use
on your skin – relative to butter it isn’t cheap – but it’s made with good
stuff and you can’t pick that stuff up at Dollarama. You pay for quality, man. Then again, I’d smear plutonium all
over my face if I thought it would clear up my skin.

So if you want look
as radiant as me (I was actually stopped on the street yesterday. The guy just
wanted to know the time, but I have no doubt that it was because my skin looked stunning)
then leave a comment below and you could win the whole product line which
retails for $138.

I’ll pick a random
winner next Tuesday (November 6th) because I’m a little late posting

You can also find
these guys on Facebook, twitter and on their blog.

Good luck!

Congratulations, Lindsay Curtis! You won the Amalou product line! Send me an email at and I’ll put you in touch with Ellie!

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