The Secrets of Breastfeeding – Book Giveaway

As you may already know from the post Breastfeeding – My Little Slice of Hell, the road to successful breastfeeding was a little bumpy for me. So whenever I am asked to giveaway anything that helps women crack the secret to breastfeeding, I’m all over it.

The Secrets of Breastfeeding was written by Kristine Bruce who just happens to be a postpartum and nursery nurse who has seen her fair share of questionable advice given to new moms. These “experts” would often recommend formula, pacifiers, or sugar water which would only add to the confusion in those first 48 hours of nursing.

She wanted new moms to feel confident in their ability to breastfeed in the hospital and at home so she compiled the seven secrets every mom should know about how to start breastfeeding. (I hope number one is eat some chips and don’t get out of your pajamas because I had that perfected.)

Looking back, I wished I’d read more about breastfeeding before I did it.

My logic at the time was, “I can’t learn to drive if I’m not sitting in a car” but I didn’t factor in a crying baby, hormones and exhaustion into the equation, so I felt like I was running down the street on fire screaming, “Is it Stop, Drop and Roll or Run, Jump and Piss yourself?!”. (Both may work for all I know.)

Not a time to learn new theory is all I’m saying.

Would you like this book? Sure you would!

Simply leave a comment below and I’ll pick a winner next Tuesday (Jan 10) because I forgot today wasn’t Monday and I suck. Breastfeeding! Suck! Segue!

Anyhow, feel free to check out her site at or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy New Year, Peeps and good luck!


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