Stinkerpants Giveaway

I love the Stinkerpants site. It is chalked full of lovely little items and you just feel good poking around it (like Pretty Woman if the ladies in boutiques were nice to her).

She has tons of t-shirts and prints, not to mention, some dandy custom stuff as well.

Here are a few of my faves:

Monkey Mug Shot Tee: I love that it’s made with hippy cotton (organic) and has the blanket stiching around the badge. $26 



Alphabet Poster: I would have every room in my house covered in alphabet posters if given the chance. I totally dig them. $45


Year of the Dragon Tee (or onsie): If you have a baby born in the Year of the Dragon that’s a big damn deal. It’s all lucky and badass and way cooler than telling people you’re a dog (me). $26



Wish Tree: This is how this one played out. Me: “Oh, this looks cute, it’s a little tree with owls. Owls are huge right now. Wait, what’s that it says? It’s a little tree that has all your hopes and dreams written out for your child.” (insert lip quiver and tears welling up) Some of the little circles have sayings like “follow your heart”, “don’t forget to smile”, “be kind to animals”. sniff. $25



Custom Nursery / Bedroom Art: I just had to feature this Ali-gator print. You just know this custom artwork is going to be something she hangs onto for good. 


Neat stuff, right?

Well, if you take a cruise over to the site then come back and leave a comment on the site here, you could win a $65 gift certificate to spend on anything in the shop. Not too shabby!

I’ll draw a random winner next Tuesday (Feb 21st).

Be sure to also check out her blog. She has a fantastic shot of an upside down Christmas tree that blew my mind and a great post about attachement parenting that is equally awesome.

Good luck!

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