Amphora Necklace Giveaway

You guys are going to love this, I just know it!

It’s possibly one of the most baffling feats of magic I have ever witnessed outside of Kim Kardashian’s fame. 

Amphora is a patent pending necklace that lets you quickly attach your most cherished ring (or rings), without unclasping or removing the chain.

EmilyC came up with the idea when she would wear her rings on a simple gold chain at the the gym, getting a manicure, cooking, washing dishes, or other dirty deeds.  Taking a chain off, sliding a ring on, and refastening the clasp took a moment or two so she wondered if there was a quicker, faster way to attach a ring to a necklace with less hassle.

The crazy part is, she came up with it!

Check out this video:

Mind. Blown.

It wasn’t until a few pregnant friends commented how they couldn’t wear their rings because of their hands swelling that Emily realized how handy it could be for pregnant women and not just people trying to keep their rings clean or health care professionals, etc. that have to remove their rings for hygienic reasons.

She’s right too. In the last two weeks of my pregnancy, my hands and feet swelled up to balloon animal proportions so something like this would have really helped in my parade float phase.

Nice, eh?


Well you can win one!!! (insert cheering)

Simply leave a comment below and you will be entered to win her most popular necklace – the sterling silver Scallop. It retails for $200 so this ain’t no gumball machine trinket either, Baby.

I’ll pick a random winner for this brilliant necklace next Tuesday (March 6) so good luck, Peeps!

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  • This is seriously brilliant! My hands and feet swell so early in pregnancy I end up not wearing my rings almost the whole time! Love this so much!

  • Have been searching for months for something similar to keep my mother and grandmother’s wedding rings on. How perfectly lovely these are. Certainly would order one if I could afford it, but will have to rely on good luck in winning it. You certainly have some lovely pieces.

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