Hyland’s Baby Product Giveaway

One of the first things you learn when you have a baby is that you can’t give them ANYTHING. Cough syrup? Nope? Cold Medication? Nope? Bourbon on the gums for teething? Ah, no. Drink this yourself when an elderly aunt or old woman at the mall suggests this (they will).

So Hyland’s line of homeopathic medicines is a nice alternative to an otherwise bleak horizon when your baby isn’t feeling well.

Here’s a little video if you aren’t familiar with what homeopathy is. Some people poo poo it but others swear by homeopathic medicine, and when you have a screaming baby that is clearly uncomfortable, I’m all for trying something that’s been around for hundreds of years, from a company that’s been around since 1903.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

Vitamin C Tablets 

They dissolve quickly and deliver 71% of the daily value for babies under a year, and 63% for kids between 1-3 years.

Colic Tablets

Helps babies suffering from colic relax and fall asleep. Judging from the reviews on the site, these things are worth their weight in gold.

Teething Tablets

One of Hyland’s most popular products and the #1 infant oral pain reliever in America. It’s uniquely formulated for safety, effectiveness and quality, and contains no synthetic ingredients, artificial flavors, dyes, or parabens.  It works quickly to relieve irritability, redness, inflammation and discomfort on a child’s gums. And it’s always been benzocaine-free.

Teething Gel

Another option for teething, this soothing gel helps irritated gums. 

Baby Cough

This amazing natural cough syrup relieves the harsh symptoms of coughing, and soothes your baby so she or he can rest and heal.

Diaper Ointment

It relieves, heals and protects.

Tiny Cold

Works fast to shoo away runny noses and congestion.

Infant Earache Drops

Works quickly and effectively to soothe throbbing ear pain—even the kind that antibiotics doesn’t take away.

.    .    .    .    .    .    .

Would you like to win this haul? Well, just leave a comment below (don’t forget to add your email address so I can get in touch with you) and I’ll pick a random winner next Monday (April 30). 

Just think, if you win all this stuff you’ll have a nice stash when it hits the fan at 2am. Then your baby can have comfortable gums and you can have that nice glass of bourbon. Cheers to old aunts and old ladies in malls everywhere!

You can also find these guys on Facebook and Twitter.

Good luck!

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  • My sister-in-law swears by it! Expecting our first bambino in September and I'm sure it would be put to good use. Thanks!

  • Just found out we are expecting our first baby! So excited! It would be nice, as a first time mommy, to have all these amazing products!

  • LOVE LOVE LOVE their products! I swear by the teething tablets – such a lifesaver! It would be awesome to win the bounty since I've bought so much of it previously 🙂

  • My MOM told me to rub bourbon on the babies gums! And my parents totally push the jack n honey for sore throats….hmmmn…I wonder if that's really iced tea in my moms cup….oh the tribulations of being born partially Irish 😉
    Expecting #3 in 5 weeks-it would be awesome sauce to win this awesome stash!

  • My first was the worlds easiest teether. I'm now paying for it with my second. Molars are brutal! I've have a third as well but hopefully she won't be getting any teeth for another couple of months. Would love this package!

  • i've heard nothing but great things about this brand! with a baby coming in the fall, i'd love to have a stash already on hand! 🙂

  • Thank you for writing this blog! Fuck all those books that scare the bejesus out of poor hormonal women!!! They certainly started to reel me in!

    Your blog is refreshing, and full of truthiness!

  • These products look interesting and i have been looking into some of these remidies but as a single mother hard to waste money on products your not sure of rather than a sure thing….not that i spare any expense when it comes to my daughters health im just saying.

  • My one year old is teething now and I have another on the way in June. I can't imagine my nights when both are going at it.

  • Love me some Hyland's products!!! We are have two teeth making their way in and the tablets would in hand!!! Thank you!

  • I love hylands, I use them with my 2 yr old and I will deff be using them once my son arrives, 10 weeks to go!!! We could use this 🙂

  • We are fixing to have our first, and a friend on facebook rec. your blog. I love it. Thank you for making my workday pass more tolerably <3

  • From what my mommy friends tell me Hyland's products are life savers, expecially the colic and teething tablets. Plus the teething tablets would definitely be better than the whiskey my mom used on my gums.

  • I'm 25 weeks, expecting my first! I would love to have this stash of great products for when our little one arrives in August!

  • I hope to win this my baby currently teething and purchased them for d first time and theybr a lifevsaver to my little one.

  • I am a huge fan of homeopathic remedies! My great-grandmother was a midwife in Cuba and relied on herbs and other natural remedies to help women and children. I know people poo poo homeopathic treatments, but, hello!! what did people use before pharmaceutical companies were created?? I have never heard of this company, but I am willing to try anything that is all natural for my munchkin!

  • My husband and I are expecting our first baby in August. I'm trying to be prepared for everything, so this would help out sooooo much!

  • My first grandbaby, Hailey Lynn, is arriving in July. I would love to give Hyland products as a gift to my daughter to help her with all the long nights ahead of her.

  • I am a first time mom of 21 month old twin girls. Let me tell you how I love, love, love the teething tabs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I buy them 4 boxes at a time. My girls are trying to get their canine teeth in now and it's making me crazy. Please pick me!!! I would be soooo very greatful!
    Thank you

  • LOVE Hyland's teething tablets. Haven't used anything else, but am going to be on the lookout for their other products.

  • I WANNA WIN! I have loved Hyland's products since my son was born almost 2 years ago and now that our little daughter is here, I would love to stock up on some of the stuff for FREE!

  • It's funny that I became aware of this giveaway today, because my 18m/o darling daughter just came down with a nasty cough AND cold last night, and is still running like a faucet today. Furthermore, I JUST ran out of teething tablets. Although I live in Kentucky, and could lather her gums up with the finest bourbon in the USA, I would prefer to stick with Hyland's, as it has never failed us before. Please consider this sniffly family for your loot! We have been big fans of your fine products from a (very) colicky day 1!

  • I don't know how I would have kept my sanity without Hylands. I have four children and I have pretty much used each and every product that Hylands provides. Seriously why try anything else. They WORK…WONDERFULLY!

  • I love Hylands teething tablets! That is the only thing that worked for my daughter when she was teething and now my son uses them too! He still needs them, please pick me!

  • It's funny that I became aware of this giveaway today, because my 18m/o just came down with a nasty cough AND cold last night, and is still running like a faucet today. Furthermore, I JUST ran out of teething tablets. Although I live in Kentucky, and could lather her gums up with the finest bourbon in the USA, I would prefer to stick with Hyland's, as it has never failed us before. Please consider this sniffly family for your loot! We have been big fans of your fine products from a (very) colicky day 1!

  • I have a 3 year old and a 2 month old and use all of your products!! My favorite do far has been the teething tablets with my first son. I have used anything yet for my younger son but I'm sure the time is fast approaching and it would be great to be prepared! 😉

  • I tried all the popular teething gels until I saw the article on tv about what to much use of bonjela can do to baby…hylands you have saved me!!
    3 kids under the age of three……

  • I love Hyland's products but didn't know they have a diaper ointment. I would love to have this. The g-dtr has her first diaper rash and even Butt Paste isn't fixing it. It's gonna be a trip to the doctor. Hyland's works so well on everything else I'm pretty sure it woud stop the diaper rash. Would love to win this package for Momma, she is at her wit's end. Not too many of your products are available where we live but we get the ones that are.

  • My SIL is due very soon with #2. Her oldest started teething VERY early & has severe seasonal allergies. So this would be a life-safer now & in the very near future.

    Plus, I'm no the favorite in-law, so any graveling I can do is always nice. Especially if I can do it for free!

  • I need this! I have a 18 month old and another one due in October. I've used Hylands before and I have nothing but good things to say about them!

  • I would LOVE to win this! We use lots of Hyland's products in our home so this would be great! Thanks for the opportunity! 🙂

  • Wow, how cool! I'm due in September of 2012 and it'd be great to have some things that I can give to the baby especially if cold season hits us next fall/winter!

  • Yes please! I used the teething tabs with my first kid and will gladly use their whole arsenal on my next due in a few months.

  • Thank you in advance for choosing me as the winner. I am 36 wks. and 1 day pregnant as of today…but who's counting?? I would love these products to put in place of other over the counter medications. What a great way to try everything! -Courtney

  • My girlfriend swears by their products! I'm currently pregnant and need to remember to have Hylands on hand before pregnancy brain kicks in and I go to mush! Having it already in stock would be great in helping me be prepared for all the wonderful moments I have to look forward to!

  • Pick me, pick me!! I have a three and a half month old baby boy who is going to start teething at any moment! I need the goods!

  • I just found out about Hylands! I'm currently a medical student and a first time mom and it's so hard to balance the information I get from my training with the information you get from the masses of mothers out there that have done this first hand. There is so much hysteria about the dangers of some products today, and there is nothing more comforting that companies that dedicate their products to safe alternatives. I hope I'm the lucky gal!

  • This would be AMAZING for my baby boy and soon new born infant girl. Hylands is the only thing that works for my son.

  • I have heard a lot of good things about this product and would love this!!! I would love to win this!! And try all the products out!!! Yeah!!!!!!

  • I love the teething tablets but there are a lot of other products here that I have never heard of. Thanks for introducing me to some new stuff and for another great giveaway.

  • We couldn't have made it thru teething w/ my toddler without Hyland's—I need to stock up again for my newborn!!

  • I am so unprepared as a first time mom at the ripe wise age of 41. Please pick me and take one thing off the list that keeps me awake at 3AM.

  • This would be incredible! I've used Hyland's for my first two and will use it again with this one due in July!

  • Me Me Me!!! I've never won anything in my life – like literally I have never won anything ever. Pleasepleaseplease!!!

  • Ooh I need these! Every time my little guy gets a cold it turns into an asthmatic situation. I'm planning on attacking any sniffles with these products as soon as they start.

  • Omg hyland's colic tablets have been a lifesaver in our house. Thanx to them I no longer look like the walking dead.

  • I have not used this brand before, but I love, love, love teething tablets for babies. They work miracles for little ones. I haven't heard of the others, but they all seem like great products!

  • As a soon to be "first time mom," I'm sure this whole load would come in real handy! My husband swears by whiskey on the paci (his parents were huge on such), but we've decided that may not be the most effective (or legal) way to deal with our little Willow. lol.

  • My husband looks at me funny when I use homeopathic products, but hot damn do they work a whole lot better than diddly squat. Contrary to popular belief by the people around me, the boob does not solve everything.

  • I'm 26 weeks pregnant and this would be such an awesome little stash to have so i'll be prepared for the teething, colic and sleepless nights to come! Thank you so much for offering this opportunity, i hope i win! Polly xxxx

  • We are going through some intense teething right now with my seven month old son. He got two teeth in two days and now we see the top ones making thier way down.
    I havent slept in forever and neither has he poor thing.

  • I have been using Hyland's Teething Tablets and Colic Tablets for my son and they are lifesavers! He's a chunky boy, so my arms were getting tired having to hold him and pace around the house to soothe him for hours at a time when he had a bout of colic. Giving him the Colic Tablets calmed him down to the point that I could put him down and have both hands free to do frivolous mommy things like go to the bathroom.

  • Hyland's teething tablets have saved the sanity of all members of this home! Awesome company, and I'd love to check out their other goodies. Thanks!

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